Lutenitsa oven

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1.5 - 2 kg peppers (maybe small peppers)
1 kg eggplant (you can without it, to taste)
about 3 kg tomatoes
2-3 onions
1 head of garlic
carrot - put as I
1 cup sugar (may vary - to taste)
2-3 tbsp salt (maybe more - to taste)
1 or more chili
1/3 cup wine
1/3 cup vinegar
1 cup sunflower oil
spices of your choice (I add)
Lutenitsa oven
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Tomatoes are cleaned from the stalk, cut in large pieces, add salt and leave to drain excess water while preparing other products. Peeled and cut - also in large pieces - eggplant, salting and him to * release * black water. Clean seed pods and if large, cut into 2-3 parts. Peel the garlic and onion. Clean carrots. All products mix in a flat bowl (preferably deep) tray. Bake in a hot oven, as occasionally shuffle not burn. After about 2 hours we take the meal * * small part and blend in a separate court to assess whether it is sufficiently thick chutney. If not - continue to bake until almost remain fat. Then digest with blender until achieving the desired kosistentsiya stuffed into jars and welding for sterilization. * You can change the ratio of products according to availability and taste.
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16 Aug 2011


It sounds really easy! Do not remain skins of tomatoes and peppers? And another question: for kaav blender question? This mixer you (it will not be made directly to a smooth puree)?

to me too this is an interesting way of preparing chutney. I do not dis-do with roasting and peeling peppers. The husks of pods will not Danger slightly bitterness? -Call Surely try a small quantity to see what happens.

How long is sterilized?

I did it, and it became incredible. All looked skeptically at home, but then licking baking pan. I sterilized her as his other chutney 20 minutes. No flakes remained not only the eggplant seeds are small.

1cup sugar is not a lot, or all of the taste, perhaps?

I think depends on how many tomatoes will put never keep ratio, which both come :)

I am glad that you have already tried.Today I worked on it, but in larger quantities, and fire out. The effect is the same.
Because every time I put different amounts of the various products already have several chutney in the basement.
With regard to the questions:
1./ Yes - everything but taste.
2./ Nothing bitter.
5. Blenders - yes, the same as the mixer and not quite smooth, but as one that sold for *home*.

incredibly easy and delicious!

From so given how products jars go?

ivka, I can not answer you because I did roughly half dose and went 4 jars of chutney, but again, I did the whole dose. And another changed - tomatoes'm not squeeze them, but directly in the oven put them. The juice then they turn aside.

At the moment, bake and brings delicious smell throughout the house. But will need more time to bake, not a maximum temperature as baking pan my very large, the mixture is almost to the brim and I am afraid not to spill.

became Perfetto. Thanks for the recipe? Rating Very good!

It is really perfect! Today I made, as I kept almost all products and their relationship to the recipe, but I put 1, 5 and 3 garlic chili. My blender is good and it was great smooth. Sterilize 10 minutes.

I did it with bake peeled peppers, bake eggplant, tomatoes, put seasoning pepper and cumin and it was perfect. Very tasty camp. Wine and vinegar do not put.

Quite privlakatelno seems rather will try.

Today I made chutney. Although I put a little sugar to me was sweet. But I put more vinegar and salt and get well.

Very easy and delicious recipe for chutney. Last year I made friends and who gave them one jar many like them (the more that there is nothing fried for children). This year will not try eggplant, my husband does not like him

Heh ... I worked on it last night at home. Yummy ...!

... But I do not roast vegetables, and brew them - red peppers, dried tomatoes, eggplant, onion, carrot. Drain them well, 2-3 cloves of garlic / raw / spices, puree everything and then with oil in a saucepan NEzagaryasht uvaryava, until thickened ..!

This year I made chutney in this recipe / double dose / fire in the yard. But I must admit oven becomes good.

I just finished with a double dose of this chutney recipe (only changed that used previously roasted eggplant)! I'm delighted with the result! Many thanks to stas9 for shared recipe! So little work with labor thrown in the preparation of classical chutney with roasted peppers and result mmm ... delicious and homemade! :)

Perunika, would you share how many jars closed by a double dose? With greeting Bobby

Lirinka, very late and tomorrow will fill the jars and when I finish I will share.

I'm happy for all those who tried and satisfied. However, I have set this year :( I made chutney with green pepper and it was real color (you can imagine ... ). I repeat - this time with red pepper, and mix it. Cross your fingers!

Lirinka, 4 kg of tomatoes (not a lot of water), 3 kg peppers, eggplant 1. 5 kg, 1 kg of carrots, or about 10 kg vegetables went 5 compote jar with screw (680 grams) and 1 jam ! I hope I've been helpful! :)

iris, thank you for the comprehensive answer! I wish you a nice day!

At the moment I do chutney. I followed all amounts plus pound. carrots and one kilogram. eggplant. The problem is that this quantity is gathered in a baking pan, and three. Worried that not divided properly zelechuntsite (very likely) and the taste will be the same in all three baking pans. Option is to mix them after baking and blend them until then. Then I'll write how it has become. For the first time I chutney :)

MMY_77, I do not think I have to worry about the fact that they do not split properly vegetables! The mixture finally tastes will catch up! Success in preparation, I personally for other chutney and not to think! The recipe is very easy and very, very tasty!

Thank you for the great recipe! Became amazing chutney, fast and easy. I decided my problem with chutney for winter supplies in my family.

And I want to commend the recipe. Twice already do this chutney and am very pleased with the outcome. In my first attempt (with green peppers) and I get *interesting* color, but it *corrected* with plenty of carrots. Second attempt - now with red peppers - and resulting *red* chutney. This is a joke - chutney is a great and easy to prepare. I had not rules at all chutney, but I already have version. I and to repeat myself, because my biggest pan is not big enough for a decent dose. Congratulations on stas9.

At last wound and I to try. Smells amazing

Thanks for the recipe and mostly the idea chutney oven. Became great. I do not put wine and vinegar. Matter of taste. The important thing is that this principle did and ketchup and chili sauce and Apetitka. Everything was great too.

Can more info preparation ketchup? (Technology is clear) What are the products?

I did a half dose to see what happens. Was very tasty, next time large doses :)

I did its two times - on Saturday and Sunday. The first was the recipe with carrots and eggplant, second only tomatoes and peppers. Was very nice. I personally like more the second option.

A friend said that because of the onion chutney had a taste of the dish. Next time, maybe you missed onions.

Ivka, it is important to you and your family how you like chutney. Girlfriend to look at her plate. Do not you care! I was not affected by the opinion of others. Last year I made this chutney, like us, this year I'm waiting to hit the market red peppers. Eggplant put more.

Ivka, and I just like Nelly was about to write - if you like of you and your family with onions, I do not care what she told her friend :) I did not make it this chutney, but a few weeks it do miles eyes May will soon try :)

Thank stas9 for this successful recipe! Made it into triple dose (quite bravely for untried recipe) and get very tasty chutney. Boil it in the yard. Color and became quite *interesting* orange because the green peppers. What changed: I forgot to put the onion and cut the products at retail. Tomatoes peeled and pre-dampened. According to domestic consumers should not have to strain and so was very tasty. Will do again this year, but with red peppers. Thank you again!

Today first double dose this year chutney! Eggplant baked in advance, much like the smell of roasted eggplant and peeled tomatoes, everything I did as a recipe! :)

Since last autumn recipe :) watch and wonder whether to do (today) :) Well that perunika bring to try it (thanks, Pepi). It bothered me that all products that are made chutney raw, but I no longer have any doubts about the taste is great!

eeee, Reni, thanks for the comment! Successful chutney! :)

A great recipe! Eggplant baked it, and other products put as a recipe. Not only added onion and garlic, because many do not like them at home instead of wine and put a double dose of vinegar. Thanks for a great chutney!

I really want to try this recipe, but do not know much about these things and few questions-and-white or red wine is placed, and if can someone explain to me then how can I preserve in jars in order not to spoil .. . :)

leoparda, Complete finished chutney in jars and welding them to the cap. I brew for 10-15 minutes, then unplug them and turn to cool. Sometimes not weld and fill while hot, close and turn, but there is a risk not to be sealed. Good luck!

Leoparda, I use red wine! On the issue of storage of chutney as given advice lli71: bulk dry jars, sealed and sterilized about 15 minutes, then unplug the jars and immediately turn with caps below. If you have more questions ask! :)

ie put the jars in a pan with water enough to cover them safe, and after the water boils, 15 min. And draw them and pay them with the caps down ... Do I understand correctly ...: $

rightly understood! :) Today I will try the recipe! You straight drive me crazy with these comments!

Leoparda, well water should cover the jars, otherwise we can not air out of them. The rest is as you describe it. Good luck :)