Peas with potatoes

Submitted by enr on 01 Dec 2002
500 g peas
500 g potatoes
2 onions
100 g fat
1 tbsp (10 g) tomato paste
Peas with potatoes
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Chopped onion stew in fat. Tomato paste diluted with 1 cup (200 ml) and water was added to the onions. When it boils, add the peas, chopped in large pieces potatoes and spices. Make up water as needed to cover the dish. Boil on medium heat.
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01 Dec 2002


Easy and delicious.

It is very tasty and definitely very easy to prepare.

This recipe is great and makes it easy. Try.

recipe is extra, we like :), and we still have five different people :)

Very tasty and easy to prepare dish. Try it, you will not go wrong.

Once I pour the dish is cooked in a baking dish and constipation with 200 g of grated cheese and egg - great!

If you add carrot and cube chicken broth, the dish becomes very tasty, and I almost forgot - dill and parsley also added! Try not regret it!

Cook it sve_georgieva, without pepper and cumin. And if you are constipated, as the rally is even more delicious.

It's really delicious!

Mmm, sounds great and looks very vusno. Now I will try it. I'm going to cook him. :-)

Caraway in this recipe surprised me (so right, I'm a beginner), but admit became very very tasty! My kids also liked it, even my son who would not eat peas! ;) Thanks for the recipe!

If the dish is prepared with canned peas, it is added after the potatoes slightly softened. Sometimes add at the beginning grate carrot and a few cloves of garlic. Instead of tomato paste can be used fresh or canned tomatoes.

SUPER something very very tasty quick and easy to cook.

I love peas! I put carrots and pepper / if I / fiddle with parsley and pepper. Can put and chesanche ... The delicious meals!

just prepared yahniykata became strange.

I have prepared and was very tasty. Instead of tomato paste I put two grated tomatoes. I had cumin instead put three small leaves bay leaf and added a little red pepper.