Banitsa Muffins

Submitted by enr on 26 Feb 2013
500 g filo pastry sheets
350 g feta cheese
5 eggs
100 ml sunflower oil
10 g baking powder
200-250 ml soda (I put 250 ml)
Banitsa Muffins
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Beat eggs well, add the oil, crumbled feta cheese, baking powder, baking soda and mix well. The whole was stirred with a wire, it is not needed to the mixer. The bag sheet, as a whole, without getting it cut with a sharp knife snails with a width of about 1 cm. Fan nice all snails to not glued and screwed strip them and take them scroll through good hands. Put them in a mixture of eggs and mix gently to wet the mixture all stripes peel. Take muffin forms and fill them with a nice mixture to above. I used the silicone and pan, but if you use other pre smear them with fat. Bake in preheated oven at 175S degrees lower and fan on the second level from the bottom. Bake for about 30-35 minutes. After removing the banitsi from the oven, leave the forms 6-7 minutes and then remove.
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26 Feb 2013
Elitsa Stoyanova / run wild in the kitchen


Bravo me the idea! Go quickly reach Bookmark :)

perunika, I hope you like and taste and appearance :)

I loved the recipe! I added it as Bookmark

vyra59, very glad that you like the recipe :)

Pepa, yesterday I was going to write you to upload the recipe of this spectacular cooked pie! I read your thoughts! :) Thank you!

I loved the idea and is very easy to implement, I rolled and cut into pieces that wrap and put into molds for muffins and a little complicated, will try and your original and easy way.

Inche, the effect is, but is very easy, but in this hustle this is a big plus for each recipe :)

steffanell, will be happy if you like :)

Pepi, the recipe is great, became a mini patties :)

Villas, very happy:) Happy Baba Marta from me! Healthy!

Pepi, very original proposal! Villas, your pictures are wonderful!

Reni, I'm glad you liked it :)

Thank Reni, the pictures are beautiful because the patties are very effective against the backdrop of the warm March sun everything is wonderful :) Happy Baba Marta and me all Happy Cooks!

Bravo, bravo! Great.

This is our favorite family recipe for pie! And served and thus ... My men were delighted :) I have enough shapes for muffins and so Peko pie and cake form. Pepi, thanks for the original idea!

Reni, I am very glad that you liked the pie:) Thank you for your trust!

rtodorovska, thank you for the great comments!

I missed to note that the recipe is tested and received successfully, immediately fix :)

I also were done, and became very beautiful and delicious, swapped carbonated water with yogurt, not photographed my husband was snatched the camera, but the idea of ​​Reni I liked a lot of cakes u ma

Reni, we can not overlook these beautiful muffins, who filmed:) are wonderful darling!

flowers, I'm glad you liked:) may no photo, it is important that you was delicious :)

A great recipe! :) I made them, but instead I put cheese curd + 1h. l. salt and were very tasty.

didi33, I'm glad you enjoyed! Nice day!

Today they prepared for breakfast -very tasty and sporty :)

miroslava123, thank you for your trust! I am glad that you have been delicious!

EX Reni scary snapshot, YOUR HANDS YOUR CAMERA are amazing

Incredibly successful pie! Soft, fluffy muffins! Pepa, thanks for shared recipe!

I forgot - instead of soda used yogurt - 1, 5 pm. H. / 300 g / :)

Inche, I'm glad that the muffins are you hit it. Next time I will put and yogurt. Thanks for the idea!

Petya, you're so good-kulinarka and that you like the things I do is a real compliment to me!

Reni I saw the picture without open it I know it is yours, arranging your special, you know what distance what light to shoot, you have a talent in cooking and serving and shooting at me shooting is magic or is obtained or not, but you always everything is more than perfect.

A great recipe! Fast, easy and very tasty. Thank you!

I forgot to add that I made with yogurt and it was great :)

Ili71, thank you for your trust!

I could not miss this option. Very well epoluchi, I also do make yogurt. Is spectacular.

This morning I made them and were great! Without milk, only with soda water because sashata do pie recipe with whole wafers. Thanks for the idea!

Thank you for your kind words! Glad you like the muffins! Thank you for your trust!


Drakulita1, thank you! I am glad that you liked!

Today I made spinach pie and and stayed two sheets of pastry. I used the idea of ​​the recipe and put products on the eye. We obtained two large patties-mafincheta which fell slightly after they pulled out of the oven. I guess mixture was little more than necessary. However liked by children and ate a second. Next time I'm going to do one dose recipe. Many original patties!

doby, thanks for the nice words!

Recently pie only do so :) miracles, fluffy mafincheta!

Reni, very glad that you like patties :)

I loved presented thus pie, original and stylish. Well done.

guarinociro, thank you! Glad you like patties :)

interesting proposal, and how many muffins come out?

di_jar, come to me 11 pieces - 12 pieces. when you do them in - big silicone shapes, and when you do them in - my little go about 14 pc. Depends how many shapes will benefit.

I do a version without soda, 3 eggs, 300 grams of cheese, 200 ml cream, 100 ml milk, 100 ml oil and 10 g baking powder. Before baking sprinkle with sesame seeds. Also are great!

nikolaantanasov, your version is via a different recipe, if you add it as such :)

nikolaantanasov, will try and your option. Sounds tasty. You can really add recipe will be good to have another version of these delicious patties :)