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Submitted by enr on 12 Feb 2010
1 kg potatoes
1 l frying oil
French fries Guest
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Peel the potatoes and cut into long thick slices one finger or more in large pieces optional. Washed and allowed to drain from the water. In a saucepan with an iron basket pour the oil and heat for 2-3 minutes. Pour the chopped potatoes, add salt and fry 10 minutes, the stove is turned off. So the potatoes can be stored for 1-2 hours with the oil until ready to cook. Again turns the heat and fry until pink, finished potatoes are removed and placed in a bowl with kitchen paper. Become crispy and not greasy.
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12 Feb 2010


I think that will be soaked with oil as stand 1-2 hours in it

These potatoes have made oil so that they can try. There is a technique for making crisp potatoes.

I know that there will be debates, but potatoes are not greasy! Try!

At the moment I make them I will have guests for lunch, side dish to bake chicken, I have quite a large cut, potatoes are crispy and soft inside and not become greasy. 13. In 30 hours will Frizzle and is now 10. 30sutrinta.

Will take much fat can be easily understood, by weighing how much fat is left over after frying. After steffanell says he does not take, it's sample ...

all the time in the oil you will stay? if you can put a photo.

10. On 30 are oil will fry 1330 hours, and I can not believe as you and I had to try, I learned it from my girlfriend Greek. I always fried with corn oil, and authorities in Bulgaria. I've done it with sunflower oil.

pretty sly huh? =)

By koteto_w please you write about the art of crispy potatoes, one learns is alive!

steffaneli I prazhya them crispy let them highly hot oil after apparently caught crust damp stove with a degree and doizparzhvam them so.

This is a matter that saves time when you have guests, they are half cooked, keep them sometimes and 30 min., Very well become a very coarsely chopped potatoes crispy and soft inside, so prepare them for my family.

It is true, it seems that there is more time, but you asked for the technique of preparation of crispy potatoes, so I just say lkak I make them crispy. But will certainly try and on your way, but before that I would like to ask you in the fryer will be there or do not ... =)

I'm fried thus crispy potatoes do not need high heat, I think it will become not see much difference in friturnika, I wish it away and replaced it with a pot with a basket that is easily maintained! We all have different tastes but I always try if I did not like not doing it again.

often prepare them and was surprised that I did not put a photo.