Kyotbular (Koettbullar) - II type

Submitted by enr on 01 Aug 2012
250 g beef
250 g pork
200 ml cream for cooking
2 boiled potatoes
1 onion
3 tbsp breadcrumbs (flour)
sunflower oil for frying, salt pepper
# For the sauce:
200 ml beef bouillon
100 ml cream for cooking
soy sauce (eye)
2 tbsp flour
Kyotbular (Koettbullar) - II type
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In a pan with not much fat fry, onion. Add the breadcrumbs, smashed potatoes, cream and leave everything to boil on low heat for about 5 minutes and set aside. Minced meat mixed with finished potato mixture, seasoning with pepper, a little salt, stir well and let stand in refrigerator at least 2 hours. For the sauce: beef bouillon leave to boil, add the cream and soy sauce. Boil over low heat, put the flour and to condense the sauce. The sauce should become light brown. By standing already mince meatballs shape that fried in fat and drain. Serve meatballs with sauce flooded. * Since soy sauce is very savory, you should be careful how much salt to put in the minced meat. * In Swedish meatballs served with roasted potatoes and cranberry jam.
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01 Aug 2012


Shyotbular / Kyotbular without allspice? Well it should Bulgarisation, but not so ... Kyotbular (Koettbullar)

Aliana, I do not know this recipe from Kade her copied, but otnostno my recipe for Swedish meatballs, it is not *Bulgarian equivalent* ... personally Swedish meatballs prepared in their own way, just to see what the difference is, but very sorry ///// allspice, do not put ...Allspice is your Bulgarising recipe itself ...

Something messing, Manuela85. I am of those who give enormous importance to the authenticity of the dishes. Which is longer here on this site knows this. That Swedes are you prepared meatballs - it Bulgarians kepapcheta prepared in different ways, some are good cooks, others just throw away products. For shyotbular / kyotbular however it comes to a dish that was made famous by a specific recipe with exactly known flavor. And yes, Allspice is one that distinguishes them from Bulgarian, Italian or Moroccan meatballs. My recipe is many, many years, maybe 17 or 18, when I met with one working in the kitchen of subsidiaries in IKEA woman and she told me that the meatballs are brought by cargo plane directly from Sweden, the recipe is kept secret, but after many attempts it has reached a result, the most similar to the world-famous meatballs, she has had the opportunity to compare daily. A typical fragrance may be prepared from a lack of spices, such as in a given recipe from you. And how did you decide that allspice in meatballs is Bulgarisation? You in Bulgaria have seen to put allspice in meatballs? But BG is common practice to omit spices that seem strange or simply because they did not try new things.

Bacharach is an important ingredient in the preparation of Kottbullar without it are Bulgarian meatballs here is another recipe Köttbullar - SWEDEN. SE www. sweden. se / eng / Home / ... / Kottbullar /

First allspice is an Arabic spice, second and see how Kade comes from, how it is used and then write.

Ooooh, but he and pepper comes from India, and red pepper originated in Mexico, but almost no Bulgarian dish without them. The discussion was becoming ridiculous ... So you think it is possible to use the Swedes in soy sauce recipe from eastern Asia, but it is not possible to have discovered allspice (which incidentally comes from the West Indies, and not from Arabia)? But we teach us that first had to educate ourselves and then to write ...

I personally always put allspice in meatballs, as well as in the vine and cabbage leaves stuffed. But as an ancient philosopher said *For the tastes do not argue. '

I definitely think that the recipe is the same as published in the book *IKEAs Real Swedish Food Book* and it is a recipe for IKEA Swedish meatballs with cream sauce, which popularized the Swedish meatballs. See:… definitely allspice is a wish, not a binding ingredient. Translation of Allspice allspice is not only, but also of course the mix of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves. See

definitely irritating commentary *Is it should Bulgarisation, but not so ... Kyotbular (Koettbullar) *. Manuela has shared the recipe without allspice, not like someone, to sprinkle. Aliana, know that your №1 in site- and delicious recipes and professional photos. My familiar from Turkey, studied at Le Cordon Bleu said that encourage creativity. Try without allspice and may be surprised at the result.

Did you girls really sorry if someone is shocked or uncomfortable touched by my comment, written spontaneously and sincerely. It is not always possible for a person to think and control your emotions before you say something. Eda is right, and I see that my first exclamation may be perceived offensive. But as I've felt, so I told him and that's it. On meatballs - I have IKEA to me and I wish them to get there. ma_rri_na, do not believe IKEA issue your recipe. In such documentation for this giant emphasizes the mystery of shyotbular. Whatever you publish something would always nothing. StelaB, Principally rights tastes. But dishes like meatballs really spices make them Chinese, Bulgarian, Italian or Arabic ... it their other ingredients not how to replace;) I think this discussion here is finished. I keep the following comment. @ Nevi if schetesh that need, delete my comments. I wish you all a nice day!

Why spores, girls? Anyone can cook meatballs want. With allspice with nutmeg, cloves, aniseed, if you will, or without them ... Spoil the good manners site. I do not become clear - what size should be meatballs?

I put allspice in vine and cabbage leaves stuffed, but I'll try thanksStelaB.

Neli. mag meatballs were the size of ping pong balls

Thank you, Manuela! For now, go to Favorites wait until order buy mince. Thanks for shared recipe!