Vegan moussaka with zucchini

Submitted by enr on 14 Jun 2009
2 zucchini
2 potatoes
2 onions
150 g feta cheese
4 eggs
2 tbsp flour
3 tbsp yogurt
salt, pepper, savory
vegetable oil
Vegan moussaka with zucchini
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Cut chopped vegetables in a bowl confuse with 2 eggs and the feta cheese. Add the spices, salt and poured into court oiled. Bake in a moderate oven until ready. Of the remaining 2 eggs, yogurt and flour make topping and bake it.
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14 Jun 2009


I loved! Love meatless dishes.

Last night it prepared! Was very tasty!

received is ideal moussaka

Much yummy get Ise like much at all. Romance BRAVO!

very nice recipe tonight, I think it a try and I think it will become very vskusno!

I loved this recipe, very easy to prepare. Bravo romantika!

Thank you very much.

Water puts you and how much?

No do not put water.

Light and suitable for summer heat moussaka, I put a little cheese to cheese.

Very nice picture, Eli! I suppose moussaka not be ignored!

I'm glad you like the photo and the moussaka was very tasty indeed :)

Easy, fast and tasty. We like.

Great happened!

Zdrveyte, did this just moussaka, but unlike the recipe I bit zaparzhih zelenchutsit / her a little changed :) /, now put it to bake, it seems to me very tasty, and I hope my husband and my son they like ..

It was very tasty, I like her all at home and most importantly very fast :) Well done

I love fast and delicious! We washed over her and yogurt with garlic, it was divine! :)

And with milk and garlic is a good idea, I suggested to my son only milk, but he refused me. Next time we'll try with garlic milk.

Wonderful recipe, useful and very tasty!

sample from above instead of topping put plenty of grated cheese, also became quite tasty.

great delicacies. My kids are 14 m. And loved it. Today we had lunch, I put them and yogurt. :-)

are amazing, thanks for the recipe. I put a little cheese and I filled them with garlic yogurt with dill, licking his fingers

I loved this recipe, very easy to prepare. Great camp!

Courgettes should I peel?

No, it is not necessary to peel.

I love such moussaka ..

It is very delicious. My husband ordered her every other day. Today, it smells in kashti this vkusotyka.

Very good get ... But to poluchr need to add about 300 ml of water to soften the potatoes. Thanks

delicious, fresh and easy!

It was strahootna moussaka! Greetings for the recipe! Licking your fingers!

Thanks, I'm glad that you liked.

I tried not to put water as a nadolo wrote in a comment for 40min. potatoes and courgettes were raw, put water to see if it would work.

vale. vale66, wrote that her bake until ready, it depends on the stove. Water will facilitate baking, just leave them for more time in the oven. In the recipe does not say to add water, I would not put the liquid from zucchini, onions and cheese should be sufficient.

It is very delicious moussaka, and I might do so: the potatoes and zucchini cubes mess with oil and seasonings / I do not put onions / and bake until ready. Then put the eggs and cheese-mess, then inundate and bake again. Great is 2 years they do, even put zucchini cubes in bags in the freezer to have for winter :)

Very tasty pleasure will still do!

's great and is very easy!

It was very tasty! Surely, it will be done!

unique taste musakichka! Will necessarily be done again :)

Congratulations for the recipe! It was a very good dish. What was slightly vidoizmenih that zaparzhih pre vegetables added water - about 1 h. H., In baking, because it took a long time and the potatoes and courgettes in particular, remained harsh and spices added to dill - and courgettes and fresh potatoes seemed mandatory :) Something I'll know for next time is to cut the vegetables into even smaller pieces to make it faster ... Once again - get a very tasty! :)

Tonight prepared moussaka, it was a unique taste thanks to the tasty recipe. Goes to favorites.

Again prepared moussaka. This time I attach a photo. :)

Excellent recipe, easy to implement and very tasty. And healthier than fried zucchini. Thank you.

Thank you all, I'm glad that you like the recipe.

It was a great moussaka, thanks!