American biscuits with chocolate Cookies

Submitted by enr on 18 Jan 2009
250 g chocolate
200 g margarine
2 eggs sugar
1 vanilla
500 g flour
1 level tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
American biscuits with chocolate Cookies
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Beat eggs with sugar, vanilla, baking powder and baking soda. Put to soft margarine, again beating. Add the flour. Chocolate cut into rough pieces. Put it in the dough and mix. Prepare a tray with baking paper. With a wet spoon is taken from the mixture and smears of thin wafers, their size is as desired. Bake in preheated oven at 180 C, for 8-10 minutes.
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18 Jan 2009


Bravo Aliana! I always imagined that so simple, but so far no exact proportions. Great recipe, put it into the favorite and when I am freer now will make them.

Bravo! There is nothing more tempting than chocolate. Now wait a photo.

Aliana, these cookies are one of my favorite, but until now only buy them ready today ... :). Thanks for the nice recipe!

And we love them very much. Years ago in one of the broadcasts of TV Gusto, but I do not know already what, there was a whole show for American classics. Bagels, Cookies, Brownie. So I sat and wrote. I have tried with smartis, but paint them leak very ugly.

Super! To favorites now! Well done and thanks for a great recipe Rally!

Super will no longer buy from the store, and would have them do. :)

Great became. Thank Aliana. :))

look very appetizing and easy to prepare, in favorites :)

I love these cookies and now I can do them, not to buy.

I have no doubt that you will! So really easy, Tony, my son can also dab them on paper!

made them - they are great thank you very much for the recipe.

Tony, you're great, while mean and ready made them! Bravo!

Tonci, next time you win, you'll look like lightly browned and oust its removing them. May be slightly soft in the middle, but then while true cure. Good luck!

Aliana until now I bought from the same store that only brown and eat them whole family hurry-hurry, but now when I saw the recipe I can make them and then a double dose.

Krassimir for dark place several tablespoons of natural cocoa in the dough and optionally replaced with dark chocolate with a high cocoa percentage. Good luck!

The first occasion I made them and I am delighted. Many like them these cookies, but I had the recipe so far. I put in favorites. Favorites are my little son.

I am glad that you like at all! The recipe works very well, and I myself am very pleased with it!

delicious, but you can not figure out why it was so soft like cake are thinking that as true will harden but Nesta, otherwise very easy and delicious.

Many were delicious ... and put a snimchitsa thanks for the recipe! :)

Bravo! I am glad that you liked! A new images are always curious! :-)

Yanchen, great idea with strawberries! Must try!

I personally did not like but maybe especially because I do not like chocolate. Me in my dopodat strawberry sweet uploads little nadolo.

Hi Alina! These cookies are really scary! Congratulations once again for the recipe! I already do them maybe 10 time / lost their number /! Today I made them a new way instead of 500 grams. meal put 400 and 100 grams. tsaravichno! Became more crispy! I added them and dried cranberries! Generally want to thank you again for the cookies! always become as experimenting! :)

Bravo Aliana! To finally find the recipe that Tarsus 4 years. These are my favorite cookies and himself very grateful.

Aliana recipe is great, very well received :)

Cookies are awesome. My daughter liked them very

I am very glad that you are satisfied with the recipe:-) This is heard:-)

paulinche, baby put more flour you become crispy.

read long comment Paulina, but I have no explanation for descriptions of the result, so I have not commented. Adding more flour will result in compression of the dough, but do not believe to be more crisp. Furthermore Paulina went wrong measurement products. Or temperaraturata have been different. Because the set quantities are really ideal and time too.

They became great if you could then put them in a water bath of molten chocolate or chocolate melts for more chocolate taste: D

tried biskviite received very well, even I did not expect (I have much experience with pastry), crisp and intense chocolate flavor. Tankosta to be crispy is to make possible thinner few biscuits made them more plump and they MISC soft. Maybe it is. Greetings Rally and beautiful recipe!

become very delicious, very like them!

Good, I'm glad that you are delicious!

They became great, I recommend the recipe and now all make it known. THANK Aliana!

made cookies a few days ago, were great, try them! :)

I made them with cocoa-chocolate. Became great:-)

I also ...: D: D

This is perhaps the recipe with the most positive comments and I will not be cut off from the crowd - This is the most successful and original recipe throughout the' Jolly Chef *:)

And when I get a pretty good result, but somehow non-white sweet enough. It in my semeystovo are a little - Orientals on much sugar. Next time we will increase the sugar.

supeeeer! I love Cookies! I obisham them sweeter, not to say emphatically chocolate and sugar!

I forgot to say I recommend it to AC. Fans of Cookies! :)

And I really love cookies, but today was the first to try it and I liked what happened after a while you will get a picture :)

Yesterday I made them again, but this time I put more flour and already become crunchy, apparently not before I put exactly 500 g. Were amazing. I do them with your hands, not with a spoon, wet your fingers and make small balls and put them in the dirty baking pan, easier :)

Thank Aliana, yesterday bought and brother opukahme them ... but now no longer give money because the recipe is from you: P A big BRAVO! To favorites ...

Many were delicious and very quickly ran out :). But the taste became more like cookies ... Maybe put a little more flour and a little more soda ... I put pictures!

They are very delicious and always successful. Aliana Thanks for the nice recipe. Do them constantly and we do not get bored. My child loves them.

I added a picture

Darlings, I am very glad that the recipe works with nearly all, and that you delicious biscuits:-) Thank you for the high ratings and trust!

join the applause! Very very tasty! Night should double the dose that these. like look to nowhere to go: D.

A great recipe! I added raisins and walnuts and became a killer :)