Vine leaves in bottles (not sterilized)

Submitted by enr on 13 May 2011
vine leaves
empty plastic bottles of soft drinks - can 500 ml, 1 liter
Vine leaves in bottles (not sterilized)
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Leaves and bottles is very important to dry. The leaves are picked, not dried in advance to pick when you want. As raw leaves, cut the stalks, put on each other - 5, 6, 7 sheets, so that it can be wound on a tight roll to be able to enter through the neck of the bottle. When winding. the leaves are placed one over another, with the smooth side up, and when rolled, flat side must remain inside. In the bottle leaves develop, but it does not matter as to pull the leaves are cut bottle. The vial is shaken gently after each roll to be able to be filled tightly. Fill up and close. When using cut the bottle and take out the leaves, scalded and are ready to use. Weight of the bottles depends on how dolmas will prepare because once you open the bottle, all the leaves should be used.
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13 May 2011


Strange preservation of the leaves. How long does it last?

However sterilize you? And what are filled bottles with leaves?

not-sterilized to4no this is easy, this recipe is not filled with water bottles last year, 2-that is until you open the bottle and into the air. recipe is nau4ih in Greece live here 10 years, and increasingly this na4in do them

It is really easy, I had not heard of storage in this way. Perhaps it would be better to change the title of the recipe - it is very confusing.

so perhaps it is Dobelle, and if anything is still unclear, write

The diameter of the roll sheet must be no greater than the diameter of the neck of the bottle. However, even the diameter of the bottle is larger than the neck. Having put the leaves do not you develop, how will put more rolls without creased? Where they are stored full bottles? It's very strange how not to spoil the leaves.

interesting storage vine leaves for the winter. The leaves are freshly picked or dried in advance and at what time of the day are harvested? Write in more detail, please, because this method is unknown to me. Lime leaves, can be preserved in this way?

leaves are picked, not dried in advance to pick when you want to lime leaves, I do not know, in Greece are not used. as raw leaves, cut the stems, put another one apical reciprocating-I told you 5, 6, 7 leaves will see a tightly wound roll to be able to come in Garlan the bottle, then clearly 4f you develop, but it nyama zna4enie, I told you, 4f to pull the leaves are cut bottle. bottles I have them held an dulapa in the kitchen, my years maika boiled jars and now she puts on this na4in, I do not know how to put a picture I currently leaves from last year. leaves in the bottle will change color. I forgot to write 4f when winding. the leaves are placed one over another, with the smooth side up, and when rolled, flat side you remain inside. just be careful not water the leaves are steamed in use and thus iz4istvat, the bottles are choice-whatever size you have, if you want a dish pove4e sarmi will put in large bottles hope you understand me I do not know what's so difficult for you

to make room for the other sheets in the bottle, just shake it gently

Very interesting ways to take advantage of this easy method!

Do these leaves 10 years posthumously can not make me do them in the traditional way. I pack lightly leaves with wooden hook on which I stuck a button so great as to pass through the opening of the bottle and fill up the middle put a sprig of dill. This method is very effective because the bottles can be used after 2-3 years. Do them in bottles of mineral water 500 ml-must be completely dry.

A dill Does not spoil, very creative for your button!

worth assessment!

Steph does not spoil anything, tighten the cap is cool and it will air as nothing can spoil. Adds a nice flavor then sarmi. Otherwise everything else I do as it has described Natalia. I turn 3 petals and such a bottle is enough for me to just 2 rows stuffed vine leaves in a pot, which is normal size.

4f glad you liked this na4in of sterilizing of vine leaves, thanks for assessment

Seasons of the leaves, put in 50 pcs. leaves, using the handle of a wooden spoon easier to stuff them in the bottle. Super recipe.

do them for 15 years so I did I remember it to you share this recipe, good for Natalia, for good flavor and put a sprig of fresh dill somewhere in the middle of the bottle, and that where Stefanel use wooden spoon and I also compaction them, I have some hooks and thick ball back and with it .. it will put a picture of mvoite bottles last year. and incidentally also leaves last for years as this year I use a sheet of 2010 and these last year my stay and now wonder len hell can do new ..

Mariana, I first do, but I see that the leaves posvetlyavat in bottle
so you should be?

In the next bottle will go and dill, interesting proposals

Stefan exactly should poizsvetleet and this is ..

I will do them this way, but I wonder whether it will go strands to tie a thread to not develop?

Zlatinche do not play them .. naviesh tight and namushish them in the bottle they grow very slightly, but this does not prevent them .. so will open a large occupation with this tie .. my photo visible in Tagania how you stand kalbentsa ..

When I read the recipe I do not believe much, but sounded very curious and easily enforceable. So I decided to try. Well, you boast: There is nothing wrong! Not only not destroyed, but is looking increasingly one yesterday I have made and passed five months already! Super recipe!

Hahaha Lucky I have bottles of 2 years and stay and this year I did not even new ..

Similarly put in jars. Leave one day leaves, uttering in jars and a few days of sun light to turn yellow. I have 3-4 years and not spoil!

Girls and I filled some bottles, but the next day the walls of the bottles sweat. So you always receive? Everything was absolutely dry.

right is obtained, this can not they startled subsequently drying and the color will change ..

and something else-if not pritapchete nice leaves after a while they become clogged and the bottle remains half empty, so it's nice to compaction ..

Girls I want to ask you a bottle with boiled leaves you to do and I love that many of leaves stuffed vine leaves.

Do not boil the bottles are plastic!

Thank you Zlati tomorrow will make them have leaves bottle I need.