Pangasius with mushrooms and cheese

Submitted by enr on 25 Jul 2009
1 kg of fish pangasius
2-3 tomatoes
100 g mushrooms
150 g cheese
salt and spices of your choice
Pangasius with mushrooms and cheese
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Fish add salt and season to taste. Ranks in the pan with foil. Top put tomato pieces on tomatoes rank sliced ​​mushrooms and bake in the oven for about 20 minutes at 200 C. Shortly before withdrawing is dusted with grated cheese and leave for a while in the oven. The fish should be well thawed. Optional can be put on the tomato and a little fried onion.
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25 Jul 2009


This will definitely prepare it goes to Favorites :)

well, and with what other fish or fillet can replace this fish, I have not heard such?

Sammy suppose that another white fillet happens when you do not know what there is :) And pangasius sure there :)

Because of the small not put mushrooms and braised onion and carrot. Very tasty happened!

I do something similar in foil with *caramelized onions*. (Fry onions with balsamic vinegar) and sprinkle top with cheese. Next time I will make it in this way (with tomatoes). Mushrooms and me are not my passion :)

which was performed without mushrooms, only with braised onions, tomatoes and cheese, was very tasty. The other way you can try and mushrooms.

I generally do not like fish, but pangasius adore. Surely try the recipe.

It is good without mushrooms.

Very tasty obtained. Blagadarya for rapid and successful recipe.

But I put mushrooms, fried onions and carrots, garlic i4-5-no words.

I have made with onions, and carrots, and mushrooms, and garlic ... Great work!

very tasty get

become great;)

Favorite of my family recipe. For Annunciation made it. Tried and fillet of chicken and my husband tried with svinki steaks. Always and fried onions. Mmm..da lick your fingers! Goes to favorites. :)