Layered cake Festive

Submitted by enr on 04 Feb 2010
6 eggs
200 g butter or margarine 1 cup sunflower oil
1 cup sugar + 2 tbsp of egg whites
1 cup milk
10 g ammonia soda
0.4 g vanilla
1 tsp rum
3 and 1/2 cup flour
pinch of baking
1 tbsp cocoa
3-4 tbsp ground walnuts
juice compote
# Creams:
50 g creamer White
50 g dry cream caramel
50 g creamer Chocolate
450 ml milk (or under the direction for the preparation of cream)
# buttercream:
125 g butter or margarine
3-4 tbsp caster sugar
chocolate dragees
Layered cake Festive
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Eggs are divided into yolks and whites. Egg whites with the 2 tbsp sugar crash of thick snow and leave in the fridge. The remaining sugar mix with warm softened margarine. One by one, add the egg yolks, then vanilla and rum. Gradually add milk, reconstituted it in ammonia soda, flour sifted with baking soda (put it in a little flour and a little milk - 3-4 times) and finally, with careful stirring - egg whites. The resulting dough is divided into 3 equal parts. The mixture is about 6 cups - Ie 2 cups for each base. One is mixed with cocoa, the other - with the ground walnuts. Each mixture is poured into a baking dish or cake form, on greased with sunflower oil paper. Bake in preheated oven at moderate temperature. creams dry creams are prepared according to the manufacturer's instructions. For butter cream mix softened butter or margarine with powdered sugar. baked and cooled down bases irrigated juice compote and sewn with lilies. The arrangement of the bases and creams is optional. I put the base with walnuts bottom on him caramel cream, chocolate base, cream, white base, top and sides of the chocolate cream, mixed with the rest of caramel and decoration - white cream. A little advice from older and many young housewife: * To avoid cross yolks court with margarine (the butter) and sugar put in another container with warm water and stir cream. New yolk is added after the mixture has completely taken over the previous one. * The paper is removed from the bases immediately after removing from the oven while still hot. Otherwise, stay as difficult to peel. * If you use sunflower oil instead of margarine (butter), then the first break the egg yolks with the sugar and add gradually, stirring constantly, little by little the oil. * And something I learned recently - paper, which cut circles trays is maintained. When you begin to decorate the cake she put into the first base. Thus, if an juice syrup, cream coated, or other products fall decoration - chocolate chips, crushed walnuts and so on.. No danger dirty tray - Remove the paper and save your cleaning.
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04 Feb 2010


lovely cake. Immediately went to favorites.

Very good. Immediately enter into favorites. Will try ..

Bravo, Inche, very good cakes mmm., And her advice is very useful. Bravo! A cake goes to Favorites and wait one occasion (necessarily).

Kremoveta may be different, as they like. The latter must be fired very quickly. This is a cake for my birthday. In fact, the decoration was conceived in a completely different way, but something happened and eventually popping up this *work*!