Imambayalda by Jennifer Aydin

Submitted by enr on 18 Feb 2011
1 cup sunflower sunflower oil
1/2 cup olive oil
1 green pepper
3 large tomatoes
2 onions, thin strips
7 eggplants
1 cup parsley, chopped in large pieces
3 tbsp mint / mint, chopped in large pieces
6 cloves garlic, coarsely chopped
1 tsp black pepper, 1 tbsp sugar, salt
# For garnish:
7 feferoni peppers and chillies can
Imambayalda by Jennifer Aydin
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Wash eggplants and cut them handles. With a blade length is cut strip of sheet, starting from the side of the cut handle, passing through the top and going back to the hilt. In the white strip is cut pocket without eggplant to cut completely. Eggplants are placed in a large bowl with cold, salted water. In a saucepan put the oil in it and fry onions for short. Add the garlic, then at short intervals peppers and tomatoes, cut into cubes, sugar, mint and parsley. Season with pepper and salt. Allow to fry a few minutes to is tender but not to kashva. eggplants and squeeze dry. Heat slachogledovoto sunflower oil and fry the eggplants until medium brown on all sides. The fried eggplants are arranged in a baking dish with cut up. Cuts open with two spoons and filled with stuffing. Any residues of the filling is distributed in the pan between the eggplants. Chorbadzhiyski peppers fried in the oil from the eggplants until they cracked skin, and put one on each pepper eggplant. Eggplants put for about 20-30 minutes in the oven at 200 C
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18 Feb 2011


Having made the recipe for the first time, we knew we found our favorite recipe I bayalda. When re-doing men were among duty in kuhnpta, and they wanted more sauce. Photos of products sauce increased sensitive eye, and has added about 3 tablespoons tomato paste.

It is very tasty and tomorrow will prigatvya, all dishes with aubergines are our favorite and mostly without meat! Again surprise us with something delicious and interesting!

I am glad that you like. And really is suitable for fast and is very, very tasty - if that person loves eggplant;-) I apologize for spelling errors in my front comment - obviously I am very fast.

You can tell from the picture that his assistant had a man! It such delicacies really not resist! Goes to Favorites wait eggplants.

Thanks to Aliana for

Very tasty happened!

Thanks for the great suggestion, generally it is difficult with COLD dishes, but it not only looks, but I'm sure is yummy.

Now I can write, we have the Internet, the dish was very nice and tasty next time I'll put a little nuts in the stuffing, try to let go and photos Ralitsa well are!

I do it for the second time we like, this time grated carrot and potato became very tasty, thank Ralitsa for shared recipe!

I am very glad that recipe you like:-) Enjoy your meal!

It was marvelous! I loved it - and warm and cold still good. I put chilies and was very tasty. Well, eat a lot of bread, but ...:-) And I want to thank you for the quick, unpretentious but very tasty recipe.

Elti, very glad that you like the dish :)

great dish! I did it today and appeal to the whole family. Add a photo.

I am very glad that you liked the recipe :)

Very often you do this recipe became a favorite!

Well that was written clarification for most sauce, so the products which you indicated filled 4 eggplant and get the perfect amount. For next time will only take a tiny eggplants. Liked Even my husband who is not a fan of lean dishes. Very tasty!

Veronica, very happy! This is one of the most favorite recipes in our family. Always full and always guarantee success for taste. I am pleased that who has tried not pity :)

last night and I have prepared, but finally put the mince and cheese was very tasty :)

Five, and I crossed my mind to put minced or cut into very small pieces of meat. But I have not tried. I guess fry minced meat with onions and then proceed recipe, right?

Yes Rally! I took her fuzzy little minced meat, onion zaparzhih, put other vegetables, then mince the tomatoes and finally, I left a little low heat. Eggplants released them for a while in boiling water and filled them. When they were almost done them sprinkled with cheese and zapekoh. I still think that with tender lamb, finely chopped becomes cruel and think to try it :)

I just think of lamb, many retail! With mint ... mmm!

Today I made the filling 4 onions, peppers 6, 3 tomatoes, garlic and spices. Once filled eggplants, the rest of the filling mixed with 250 g bulgur, doovkusih luck with dry chili and I distributed between the eggplants. Dolya water as it is covered bulgur about half a centimeter. Peko 30 minutes. Became very, very tasty side dish to dish!

One of my family's favorite recipes! I think next time constipation eggplants gril- pan, instead of fry. I hope to get a delicious meal again.

Dobby look gorgeous! Glad recipe your fancy :)

Rally, thank you for your kind words! Very often do not have time even to do snimka- all are hungry and in a hurry to sit down. In this case, I managed to photograph only dish in the baking pan. My youngest daughter (she incidentally is your adashka) I do note that I put hot peppers of the largest aubergines which she wanted to take :) I managed to try only one :) This is a dish that is not tired and not remain for another day!

Well, next time you will know - the largest portions to those with the big eyes, not the biggest mouths;) I delight that even the smallest has liked the dish :)

Much yummy. That's all I can say. Added a photo. Put in favorite and chestichko will prepare.

Mmmm, Ivka, it's great that one of my favorite recipes is appeal to you :) I recently something I have not cooked, thank you remind it to me! Thanks for the photo :)

For this recipe always use Chinese eggplants, because they are bitter and easier to fry. In the last preparation of this favorite dish, I decided to constipation eggplants gril- pan, greased them with good olive oil from all countries, including the cut. Were wonderful!