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Flower pizza dough
# For garnish:
skinless sausage or sausage of your choice
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In fact, pizza is a simple pizza but shaped very different, spectacular and beautiful. dough is divided into balls (and finished dough can be used). Each ball is rolled into a circle with a thickness of about 5 mm. Place on baking paper, which is placed in a square tray (which are oven). Put the dough on a plate with a small diameter, so that the distance from the end of the plate to the edge of the dough is not less than 4.5 cm. With a sharp knife, make incisions in the dough - bands. With each test strip is screwed circle skinless sausage. So all bands. In the middle put sliced ​​sausage, corn (who loves anything). Grate the cheese on top (in the middle) and bake at 180 C until ready. I do with it straight into round baking dish and do not use for cutting strips. Eye slit end of the dough strips and again gets the same effect. Should not be too thick curled circles skinless sausage, and to one another and to turn so that the end of the tape to come to the middle. Instead of using cheese mayonnaise - as pour ketchup, put a spoonful of mayonnaise in several places and slight blurring, then sprinkle with savory. So the pizza remains soft and is very tasty.
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01 Oct 2010


Bravo!Great idea :)

I saw the pizza in the forum and was wondering how it was made. Thank you for sharing! Very impressive! Dodabyam to favorites and will soon try to do, may become at least half so beautiful.

And I thank you very much for the recipe.I like usual, and so surprising ...Bravo.Rating Excellent !!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Vesi, a great idea for shaping the pizza! Thanks that share it with us!

Thank you Vesi that share this idea for pizza! Already made it, and gathered acclaim at home!

Hey, BABY, is great. Ordinary pizza will have unusual:-))).

Elti, it May to have to say pizza :) :) but really very impressive.

What can I say ... beautiful!

It's quite amazing!

Vesi, bravo for shared an original idea!

Renco, sweetheart, very beautiful picture!

Renkaa :) :) well done dear.

We have another idea for arranging pizza (taken from Anuick / BGmama) - pizza on a stick. Joy not only for children but for adults!

Rennie, a long time they had no line, but came again *with a bang*! Share a great idea!

Well, that's great! I just finished dough - I think to surprise Mom and Dad for Gostiny weekend :)

Here's a picture on my pizza and flower.

I feel I am at the end of the month will have to choose only between these pictures, one of the other nicer ...I will not be the site admins;-)

Looks great, this week will do. All pictures are wonderful!

ELTI if remains of pizza, throw a piece xixixi ...

Here's a suggestion for forming pizza - Slancho! Children very much and enjoy!

Many original design of pizza - beautiful, easy and delicious :)

I liked the shape of the pizza-albeit in a rectangular baking pan again become beautiful