Cake with caramel and nectarines

Submitted by enr on 13 Jul 2012
# For the caramel:
1 cup sugar
125 g butter
# For the dough:
6 eggs
1 and 1/2 cup sugar
1 and 1/2 cup flour
10 g baking powder
700-800 g nectarines (peaches)
Cake with caramel and nectarines
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The sugar is caramelized in the pan in which you will bake the cake. On up the cold caramel pour the melted butter. The tray is placed in the chamber of the refrigerator to harden the butter. Once removed are placed close peeled and sliced ​​nectarines (peaches). Beat the egg yolks with 2/3 of sugar. Separately, beat egg whites on hard snow and gradually add the remaining sugar. Egg whites add to the yolk mixture, stirring with a wooden spoon. To this mixture add the sifted flour, pre-mixed with the baking powder. Bake in preheated oven. The cake is ready when put in with a toothpick and it comes out dry from the base. More warm (not hot) cake turns into a tray or baking dish plate.
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13 Jul 2012


seems very appetizing :) In favorites is!

It was very tasty and flavorful cake (home smells of nectarines and oil :) For me, however, is more caramel. Peko cakes in cake form and not conformed to reduce the sugar to caramelize (which I do not regret :)

Rennie, you very well received! Silicon form cake you bake it?

Thanks, Pepi! Peko it in cake form a ring :)

Many bait recipe and very appetizing photos to favorites is!

Thank viliya, the cake is very, very nice and I'm sure will stay happy!

Oh, miss interesting recipes! Great dessert and seductive photos! Iris, Reni - congratulations!

Villas, Ina, thanks :) The pictures were beautiful because the cake is nice :)

RENI, I did it and we like. Looks great and is very aromatic and juicy. I hope to stay until tomorrow!

annapeeva, looks great cake! Home run away :)

Annapeeva, thank you for the trust to the recipe! I am glad that you were satisfied!

PERUNIKA, today made the cake and we like! Tomorrow I will suggest it to 1-2 balls of ice cream, a little caloric happens but heat is still! Will upload and photos.

Lirinka, the combination of ice cream is really good! Last night we had guests and surprise them very nice, just like that.

my husband liked it a lot, and me:) Upload photos.

Vanya, very appetizing picture-this caramel crust ...! He will take me to roll up my sleeves, but not now ... sea calling me! :)

Oh-oh, thank you :) And very vkusen- already done:) Relax on the beach and then try - you will not regret it :)

This morning my first thought was to turn the cake and give it a try. M-m-m-m-m, unique taste! I do it a third time. Always the sasht great taste, juicy and tender!

gorgeous cake!

Very tasty and flavorful cake !!

Nelly, I am very glad that you are happy with the cake! Your pictures are great!

Brilliant cake! Disappeared in seconds ...

This disappearance, is a real compliment! Thank you! :)

my little bitter, pregorih caramel :(

Really delicious cake. I put a few apricots became more aromatic.

Kate, good for you, so you do great! :) I this year I did not cake, but this upcoming sea ... look to refrain from dishes!

Pepi, there is nothing else to say, except that it is gorgeous! :)

Wonderful pictures you did Reni! Enjoy your meal! :)

Pepi, the cake is incredible - fluffy, tasty and very personable! :)

Villas, thanks for the nice comment and great pictures! :)

favorite cake of my husband! :) And not only him ...;)

Bobby, I am ashamed to admit that this year I have not done it ... but with that sea without dieting could not mine! Once we get this will be the first temptation that will sets up! :)

One of my favorite summer sweets! The recipe is really good! :)

I got home at home for 1-2 hours while waiting for my mother to come home I filled my time with the preparation of this cake Poneva here where I live there is no oven .. happened so fast with this caramel is important to be monitored. . I did and everyone who tried it said it was delicious. I wanted to try how it really because some time ago my friend had prepared but it was burned caramel, cheeeee all clenching not to offend ... lol :) I will reveal her secret to be careful next time .. :)

Pepi I and so, at the request of my husband today prepared cake which adores! :) And since when was waiting for him, since the first appearance of nectarines! Today was a very happy surprise! ;) :)

What a delicious glaze is received, Bobby ... :) :) :)