Semolina halva 1, 2, 3, 4

Submitted by enr on 02 Aug 2008
1 cup sunflower oil
2 cup semolina
3 cups sugar
4 cup water
optional - grated lemon zest 1/2 lemon, vanilla, cinnamon, chopped walnuts
Semolina halva 1, 2, 3, 4
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Meal fry in the oil until golden. Sugar and water to boil. Sugar syrup is poured gradually fry meal. Stir constantly over low heat until the semolina absorb the syrup. Pour into a suitable container. Allow cupped for about 20 minutes. Then cut into shapes optional. You can garnish with cinnamon and walnuts. If you enjoy vanilla and lemon peel, they are put in the hot sugar syrup before it to flood fried meal.
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02 Aug 2008


Ina, I liked the recipe! Delicious halva and fast.

Reni, I'm glad that you like it. This recipe is my memory of friend - samokovka.

And I really like the recipe and I will vote for it with pleasure in the actual competitions .. I was a small school ate the chair and there regularly gave such halva, so I have not eaten such delicious thing already probably in '10, thanks for the delicious recipe and therefore, that reminded me of childhood, Aunt Ina.

Thanks for evaluation. Rossi, I'm glad that I have reminded the good childhood! Oh and you taste like. The former figures I rolled in crushed nuts, the other - in the chocolate chips and the third - in sesame seed. On the second picture I used a bowl of custard.

Aunt Ina, would soon come to buy meal, cooking oil and sugar, I'm out yesterday half of the products and this afternoon will do halvichkata. Many thanks for the clarification, I got coconut shavings - patterned so will make them, and nuts have also :)

I do not put water and 4 cups of orange juice.

It is the case I today I worked on it and put 3h. h caramel syrup.

But I get not so dense, but very tasty. here's a picture

Very well, Rossi!Congratulations!

Ammiel, nooo, I appearance only because their hearts like it, otherwise it is not this dense texture that had to be obtained, but the taste justifies way :) Really tastes like caramel and is very tasty.

recalled his childhood, great now I do godson, with baking pans of cookies and recently made her roll as I spread finished semolina halva on the wrap I added sweet with prunes and walnuts and roll and top with coconut shokolladovi stargtini.Great recipe.But all your recipes in super.otiva favorites.

Tonight again made it, but slagam1 / 2 tea cup oil and 11 / sugar caramelized first.Rossi, maybe a little boil her to be left more rare.

I do not know whether the boil did not know how and what is done with the meal-a.I have not done ever before I have to boil than fried?I remain full of ball like put water and so I put it even more and finally it became rare.But I have no way to know ..I have not seen how we do or heard ..I will be thankful someone explain to me step by step everything (like a baby) to get me exactly as I want it.

that Misya

I might do so Fry 1 cup corn oil with 2 cups grizzly rose to court is golyam.pribavyam 2 + cupzahar cut into julienne orange peels, almonds, walnuts, raisins, cinnamon stir up add 2 cups orange juice and 2 cups hot water and boil while you absorb the water.Pour into a baking dish or legal forms.What will slazhish inside is optional, this recipe is ednna Greek they are the kings of the grizzly halva. I hope I have been helpful with the description.

when adding liquids pulling container from the heat, and then put it back to boil until absorb all the liquid forgot to write.

3 cups of sugar are many.

Thank you very much, I realized.But why then writes that cupped leaves in 20 minutes?When left cupped can not understand as boil or after done already?Thanks in advance for information

Yes, pohlyupena to cover this must be so absorbs water, so it does not always understand but absorbs water and becomes rare.You will learn by doing one next time you will know.

Thank you =)

Includes a little later in the debate. Girls have great ideas - orange juice, caramel syrup, jam, caramel! Will take the next doing. Rossi sipvam sugar syrup meal and gradually stirring until absorb all the liquid / low heat /. Then you can leave the mixture in the same court and lidding, just dopoeme rest *moisture*. If you want to engrave figures, then pour the mixture into a suitable container - pan, plate and cover it. Sorry if I misled you. Will Correct recipe to be more clearly; amount of sugar to taste. So I recorded the recipe. For my people who fall for the sweet, quantity is good. I personally find it a lot. So here is a matter of personal taste.

Aunt Ina, do not worry, your recipe is explained well, just I have not done before, so I do not get thick. And many really put syrup. Thank you for completeness :)

very well received. Quick, easy and delicious dessert suitable for fasting. I followed their proportions, only slowed the dose in half.

Elti, beautifully shaped them! Glad recipe you like.

Great is obtained each time. I make it in for 4 or 5 time. Here are some pictures.

Icheto very original photos upload, congratulations, I really like :)

I am happy. I forgot to write that I uncovered finished halvah.

Iva, very beautiful! Glad you liked the dessert.

which was performed yesterday was very tasty and aromatic, but I'll decreased sugar EXT half time. We are not very heavily sugared.

glory is sugar to taste. I also put less if you prepare dessert for yourself.

Super delicious meals that is. Some time ago I tried again, but I do not get, it was rare, but may be in frying since last time parzhih little that I was afraid not to burn and semolina remained almost white. Today, however nice izparzhih, then added the sugar syrup and stir constantly over low heat until it was thick. Pour into a plateau and even I have not covered over.

mimetics, importantly, though you received well. So such fouls, and even recipes.

I dropped a few grains in blackcurrant syrup and given a wonder.

ELTI very attractive picture!

Quick, easy and delicious! Thanks for the recipe!

bebolina, hope to have her eat with gusto :)

I had not eaten Chris halva at least 30 years and had never rules. Halva get just as we remember from childhood. I put a little cinnamon, 1/3 h. L. And because I was afraid it would be very sweet, I reduced the sugar to 2 pm. H. It is very tasty, but next time will sugar 1, 5 pm. H., Because again and so we very much. The recipe is very easy and simple, and with a guarantee of success, for which thank Ina :)

Rally, I'm glad that you reminded with good childhood! The recipe is really easy and everyone can do it adapt to the taste, as you did and you. The picture is great! :)

It is very tasty, first make semolina halva. But next time I reduced the sugar :)

Nelly, beautiful shapes have received! :) Sugar is to taste, if you do not love so sweet.

Yes, of course it is up to personal taste it with sugar :) I am very happy that I made the recipe, I really love the meal, but my husband did not eat bad memories from kindergarten, but I made meal halva eat and like it. Always seemed to me that it is complicated and why I have not done before her, and it was lesnichko :)

It was great, but by 2 pm. H. Sugar.

Instead of water I might do with milk. Becomes even more beautiful.

Very tasty happened, but I made it 2 h. H. Sugar.

Mimeto naturally with fresh milk will be more delicious. mimei, Gerry, I'm glad that you liked the halva. A Sugar is already clear - according to taste :). Gerry - very beautiful wreath you did! :)

and I do 2 pm. H. Sugar and add a packet of cinnamon - flavor is unique :)

Maya, cinnamon really adds a nice flavor to the dessert! :)

Hello all, I have a question (first do semolina halva) As oil boil pops you over the mixture?!? To me separate top is correctly and if it ostyavya so it will take you then?

I love semolina halva recipe looks good. I only note: meal in Bulgarian language is a noun in male and not feminine. So do not fry meal and meal. And the syrup is poured into fry meal, not fried meal.

P_Nikolova, something I do not understand -olioto not boil. It fry meal and it takes the oil. Adding to the sugar syrup meal swells and I do not see how the oil will separate the top? If you share what happened.

Medea, thank accept remark! :) And I hope this is the disadvantage of the recipe! :)