Submitted by enr on 13 Apr 2012
7 eggs
150 g butter or lard
350 g sugar
500 ml milk
30 g fresh yeast
2-3 vanilla
lemon peel on 1
flour - about 1.5 kg
egg for egg wash
# For the filling:
1 egg white
1 cup ground walnuts
3 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp cocoa
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Yeast is dusted with 2 tbsp sugar and after 5 minutes as melted put a broken egg and half warm milk, salt and flour to make a thick porridge, pancakes and for is allowed to rise. Sift the flour and leave in a warm. While the yeast rises melts the butter. Sugar put in the rest milk, add vanilla and lemon. Eggs are broken down to graying. As a leavened yeast was poured into a well in the flour. Pour a little of the egg, then milk, then from the lard and alternate until end. The dough is kneaded until it started to bubble. I beat him in the tray 100-150 times. Leave to rise. Optional can be mixed up and rises again. Then split rolls or kozunak, by placing the filling (all defined products, mixed). Again rises in the tray. Dab with egg and sprinkle with sugar.
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13 Apr 2012


For the third consecutive year will prepare Easter cakes in this recipe! With the greatest pleasure set assessment and photos tomorrow! Successful cakes at all!

I interfere cakes in this recipe. It is very successful! And the filling is great - do not spill in baking and is very tasty.

For the same stuffing recipe can be prepared by the marmalade and walnuts.

And so I make it :) Lately, however, something I can not come across nice jam :)

I years use this recipe and no mistake - always becoming. Now I'll put raisins and walnuts. Fluffy cakes of all that will make them yourself! :)

perfect recipe for me cakes! Became perfect! Thank you shared it here!

I'm glad you like!

Very nice and tasty happened, I did not nuts, but I put almonds. The best recipe for cake! Thank you!

products used in the recipe, just changed it, because I used dry yeast as the 1, 5 kg of flour. I can certainly say that the delicious cakes I have not done. I made them 2 large muffins and 2 large snail. Using those filling, but much more abundant - 400 g walnuts, 2 egg whites 4 tablespoons dark cocoa and 1 generous handful of sugar. I gave them to relatives and friends of yesterday and already 3 times having to translate and record the recipe :) I think after a while again to knead and freeze 3/4 of the dough. Very tasty recipe and strings were unique! Bravo, bravo!

Today again I made the recipe and baked in 4 different ways. One stuffing made of ground almonds, sugar, cocoa and egg, the other ready poppy mix fillings mixed with some almonds and egg. As always - very tasty! Only that way I shaped, couldnt get thread, but I'm not and expected :)

Rally, wonderful cakes you've done! I liked the way you shape them :)

Thank you, Rennie :) I've never tried to work with the dough so. And it seems that is not done by an experienced person, but my great pleasure and were wonderful to taste. Today I made them and I gave them no residue :)

cakes were wonderful! Soft, fluffy and very, very tasty!

A lot of work, but there is no doubt that it was worth! :) Live and healthy next year again!

Pepi, very appetizing picture!

I decided over the weekend to sets up a rehearsal for Easter. So kneaded dough last night at one o'clock, the re-rising rose in four and a half. Sleepy and tired, I shaped in seven two the cake (so I came out of the half dose) and ten and a half already floated the aroma of home-baked cake! On filling: one covered with chocolate, put the other pieces of Turkish delight. This with liquid chocolate was so sweet that perhaps our favorite for now! :)

Thank you, Willy! For the first time, let the dough is so soft and *live* and definitely am very pleased! End result: resembling PANETONE, a soft and light cake :)

And I like Pepi did a dress rehearsal for Easter :) Not that I doubted the outcome (of several years meddle cakes in this recipe and I've never had a failure). I wanted to see how they will receive if they are entangled, as the crown of the Cat. Were wonderful! :) Just look a little darker on top of the filling (according to my son: Oooh ... chocolate cakes! ) :) :)

For the year prepare cakes in this recipe. Perfect !! :) Happy holiday! :)

And my cakes are ready :) Really recipe is perfect! From this dose did three the cake (baked them in cake form), both with the filling of the recipe (swapped protein with hot milk), and the third is with hip jam. And the three added dried cranberries. Mimetics, thanks for the great recipe! :)

Thank you girls! Joyous celebration!

Happy Easter from me! Great recipe even more wonderful cakes this time! :) :) :)