Pie compote

Submitted by enr on 26 Oct 2007
4 eggs
1 cup sugar
1 cup flour
baking powder 1
1 jar compote
Pie compote
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Fruits of the compote drain and arrange in greased cake form. Eggs beat with a mixer with the sugar, flour and baking powder to a smooth dough. Pour over fruit and bake. Once out of the oven pour the juice compote. Cooled down, turns into a tray.
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26 Oct 2007


cake becomes amazing, try it. If overnight to absorb the juice, it is perfect.

is Super! Due to the lack of a baking pan with baking pan size, it turned and it moist in the baking pan.

This pie do with peach preserves, but the fruits are at the top and at the end of baking them pour the mixture for kisses.

zlatina, would you gave the recipe for the mixture of kisses.

Bravo wonderful cake! Many were fascinated home and going fast!

can be tsvrakne and a little cream if you have at hand! Great cake!

Mmm, yes, I do it a long time and is very desirable dessert at home! Excellent!

:) dessert from my childhood. I remember that my mom did it ... I will do it and I ... Hopefully I get. Will write later what happened and get a picture.

I felt great ... Bravooo ...

Very easy, quick and delicious cake!

Bravo! Stroke 10 kata!

I think that long ago I did a similar cake, but I had oil. In this recipe no fat you did not attend? Thank you.

I do it twice already search products-without fat. Tasty and juicy pie comes out.

Thanks for the reply! Will try it as soon as I do.

Terrific! I combine two different compote. Became superb!

Many successful recipe. Do not syrupy and that was delicious. Ate is no time! :)

At the moment bake for the third time doing it but still I can ve turned and co put it on baking paper that will become a? Baz to namaznyavam baking pan.

Why did not you turn it around? This cake do more than 14 years. He became a nezalepva even in electric cooker - from those where the bottom is aluminum saucepan and cover with the top wire. Brush with oil and sprinkle with flour. Or use the form cake with teflon coating and round:) and diameter 16 cm. This is the standard sponge dough. Oh yes, and do not pour while hot. Better to cool Heat juice compote and syrup then.

You wrote to flood while hot did it in yen not tried it otlepyam as him being sliced ​​and served at once ate next times double dose

And so it becomes nice. The idea of ​​the syrup is hot with cold syrup. This is always when moist cakes and pastries. To absorb better. Not syrupy hot hot, because it pasty. Applies to kadaif, sweet type savarinite - baked and fried, roar, baklava, sweet type tulumbichki, sweet pies like pumpkin triguni, semolina halva ... can not think of more. In most cases, the syrup is hot, for the simple reason that the cakes are more often cold and it is nice to cool after baking. If there is oil in the syrup or chocolate - this is required.

Very tasty! Home is usually done with a compote of apricots.

Stunning work! So fresh, light and juicy! Thanks for the recipe!

I made this cake, but small-korektsiy put oshte 1/2 cup flour, 1/2 cup oil, cocoa and 3 eggs. Became super, thanks for the recipe

I forgot to write and 1/2 cup juice, peach compote in the mix

I thought to make a cake with pineapple, but it turned out that the pineapple is missing and get a great dessert with stewed apricots.

This time with pineapple. Thank Villas idea :) I am now caught the eye of a mango in Lidl :)

Mimeto how much color in the pictures ... They are great! :)

Blagodrya you, iris :) I do it often, but the first time I was able to keep him for a photo shoot :)