Shortcake Greta

Submitted by enr on 06 May 2010
5 egg whites
250 g sugar
250 g walnuts
vanilla (lemon peel)
# For the cream:
125 g butter
150 g of powdered sugar
5 yolks
100 g melted chocolate
vanilla (lemon sheet)
Shortcake Greta
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Whip with sugar until white. Add ground walnuts and vanilla (zest). All stir and pour into a rectangular pan, greased with butter and sprinkled with flour. Bake in a low oven. Cut into 3 strips lengthwise. Cream: The butter and the egg yolks with the sugar is broken down to graying. Add melted chocolate (or cocoa thick boiled), vanilla (grated lemon rind). To the cream can be added to jam or cherry jam. The three bands sticking on another cream.
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06 May 2010


Like text - will try to convince myself that the taste is better. Tomorrow will do and write. Evaluation after the sample.

yolks to the butter you put? And like me, like cake without flour. And it looks easy, and is more like a cake.

Yes, I've missed Rally :) :) :) :) Elti, will wait for feedback :) :) :)

cake is amazing! Just ate and hardly resist not get repeated. Blatt flavored macaroon and chocolate pudding (did it with melted milk chocolate and it was excellent). Good for BRIDA. With these goodies just do not know how to welcome the summer. The other time I will try and jam to the cream. Already in favorites.

This cake very, reminds me of Agnesa ,, ,, only that there marshes is not cut and no oil in the cream. Tastes tale!

A truly amazing cake! Congratulations!

Today again I decided to do it. I submitted a few changes (in captivity:-)), so that the cake is my type *Greta*, but again was very tasty.

Unique photos are so-sablaznitelniiii .. Bravo! Put Bookmark

Thank you, girl. Cake is great - try.

Yes, I will surely try, but what baking pan bake as above? This oven will it big?

I have just Paiute square baking pan in the oven. And the first time I did it exactly the recipe, swamps became thicker than at present.

Thank you, dear. Hopefully soon I can boast with the same success!

Looks great. Will try it.

Tonight we did it with a friend. It was a amazing crust - stuck in the pan, barely managed to rasp it. I do not like cake. I do not know why so. Completed the entire recipe from A to Z. Please if you have an idea why this is true - type. The pictures look very good, but unfortunately for us beshte complete failure!

Always use kitchen paper to the bottom of the baking pan, this cake you can not cut the take out and without crushing. Cake itself is very nice.

Xrisi_Serafimova, to me that sounds like you've baked at too high temperature - in this case sugar is caramelized marshes on the bottom and stick amazing for the baking pan. Another thing that might be a problem - if you are not well broke proteins and the mixture has become too liquid, or adding walnuts to have stirred too vigorously - again with the same result. The mixture should be thick and fluffy, add the walnuts it with gentle stirring. And I like steffanell would recommend using cooking paper - but it is for convenience, even with greased and floured pan properly prepared and baked crust should not stick.

Nevi properly explained the secret is that it is fluffy, air mixture, almost like kissing, in which a paddle mixed nuts. The finished cake should be fluffy as macaroons and ELTI it wrote. I so would not baked cake without baking paper because even slightly to engage the baking pan will crush extractions. I hope the next crust of this type to be successful :)