Pots with potatoes

Submitted by enr on 23 Apr 2009
4 onions
skinless sausage, sausage or meat (chicken or pork)
4 pickles
4 tomatoes
4 eggs
4 potatoes
spices of your choice
Pots with potatoes
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Onions, potatoes , pickles and meat is cut and divided into four pots. If using raw meat fry in advance. Put them spices to taste. Top put grated or chopped tomato and feta cheese of your choice. Bake until the potatoes are soft. Clicks to one egg and dopicha.
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23 Apr 2009


tsura_78 I like your pots loves them.

and I added the pictures, but apparently later will let them go.

I love pots, pozdrvaleniya Tsure!

I am glad that you like

I put the water or broth?

not not put any bulion because meat and tomatoes should let their Christian as ..

I did that day, it was very tasty

how many degrees bake and put you in the water bath?

Rosset, I have not heard pots to the drought in a water bath! I roast 180-200gradusa.

And I've heard and ask why ... but anyway thanks a lot for the info :)


Now, can you put turkey meat

I love pots, but this recipe I'm doing it for the first time. Why no fat?

I tried the recipe was very tasty ... Until now I had not enjoyed potato ... Picture will get a little ...

I do often pots and the best thing is that whatever you put inside, there is delicious :) This time I added some white wine, because I used chicken. Do not put eggs, but sprinkled with cheese.

A great recipe! I made it without meat, I added a little olive oil and 2 roasted red peppers. Barzani and superb dinner.

great and briskly! :)

always thus prepare casseroles but first put cucumbers, very nice and delicious recipe.

Quick, easy and delicious :) I added a little fat.

now we prepare will see the result

It was wonderful! I also added 2 red peppers, a little oil and some water a little. Really tasty! Thanks for the recipe!

For chvi time will do gyuvecheta How long the drought with chicken meat 180gradusa?

And me 6. Great becomes

Great recipe. Not only put cheese and a little cheese. Very tasty obtained. Thanks for the recipe!

Instead tomatoes (currently none) put chutney. Added and a roasted pepper. Tasty.