Fragrant pork soup

Submitted by enr on 17 Jan 2009
1 onion
1 carrot
2 tbsp chutney (Coarse)
1 bay leaf
clovesche 1
2 Allspice
4-5 peppercorns
2 yolks
2-3 tbsp yogurt
3 not very large potatoes
300-400 g pork
Fragrant pork soup
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The meat is boiled in advance and broken into small pieces. In a saucepan heat a little oil and put the chopped onion, add grated carrot and chutney. Stews 1-2 minutes and add the strained broth of pork. Pour a cloves, allspice, bay leaf, vegetata, pepper. When boiling add vermicelli, chopped potatoes, meat and mint. Allow to simmer. It is ready, using a spoon fat is harvested from the surface of the soup and thicken with beat egg yolks with milk. Optional after zastroyvaneto fat can return to soup.
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17 Jan 2009


It is really quite aromatic, bravo heels!

I strongly recommend it. There are many spices, but nothing unnecessary and intrusive.

becomes very nice with knuckle

And we liked the soup, very tasty. Bravo!

I'm glad this is one of my favorite soups :)

soup smells wonderful. I guess that taste will. thank

This and Spicy mushroom are my favorites :) I hope that you will taste like.

This is great. Well done.

If tomatoes Will not happen again so nice?

It was really aromatic and delicious soup! Missed only chutney (forgot s) and cut the carrots and potatoes wholesale.

Reni, congratulations for the wonderful picture they imagined this aromatic soup! I know how hard it is made a successful picture of soup and cooked in sauce! This is one of the most beautiful images of soup on the site! Once again - congratulations! :)

Ina, thank you for the nice words! :) Once you who do such gorgeous images like mine, so really nice :) Thanks!

MANI, thanks! Great is aromatic and very tasty! :)

I am very happy that you you like this recipe, which is a favorite of me and my family!

Today supichkata cooked very tasty and aromatic and will always do them in this recipe goes to Favorites

in Netanya found similar to supa- pork noodle soup ( There are differences, but aromatic spices are the same. I did her on that recipe 3 times and I want to share one trick by which you can use you for this recipe if you like. I hate having to *louse* eating and subtract grains allspice, black pepper and cloves. So I put all the spices (the aforementioned + bay leaf) in a gauze tightened it with thread and became like pouch. I dropped it into the soup to boil and to release flavor, then pulled fragrant bag and threw. That left only tastes without annoying grains. Very fragrant and delicious soup it.

soup made in this recipe really becomes very tasty, did her profile 1: 1

This is now my favorite amount and many children like it. Rules I have many times and is unique and delicious aromatic :)