Layered cake Raphael - II type

Submitted by enr on 02 Jul 2009
# For the base:
6 eggs
180 g sugar
160 g flour
5 g baking powder (1/2 bag)
# For the cream:
250 g butter
400 ml sweetened condensed milk
50 g coconut
# candy:
200 g biscuits
3 tbsp caster sugar
50 g butter
50 g coconut
100 g white chocolate
# Optional:
1 pineapple compote
100 g coconut chips for rolling and sprinkling
Layered cake Raphael - II type
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Eggs are divided into white and yolk. Egg whites are broken down into snow with half the sugar and yolks of fluffy cream with the other sugar. Mix gently and add the flour with baking powder. The base bake at 160 C to pale pink. Cold carefully cut into three parts by means of thread. The butter, coconut and condensed milk cream. Candy mix the crushed biscuits, powdered sugar, 50 g coconut and melted butter in a blender until a homogeneous mixture. Formed into small balls that are dipped in melted chocolate and rolled in coconut. The bases are syrupy syrup compote. Each base is smeared with cream, sprinkle with pineapple chunks and sewn. The entire cake is smeared with cream and smoothed. Decorate with candy and sprinkle with coconut.
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02 Jul 2009
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I love the recipe. Thank you. Great option!

I might naprazhih slightly razlitshna decoration because it was the birthday of my son! Top January sprinkled with coconut and ordered by these hippos of Kinder, and candy Marsiyani and side sprinkled with colored sticks! Very tasty became :)

I do not know how I have written, I have made different and are misspelled words :)

I made it without fruit between the latter must not only cream. Is great!

cream cross, because they realized that oil and condensed milk were different temperatures (both must be at room temperature), but it was tasty. Thanks for the recipe.

This time there was no mistake. Not used compote pineapple syrup with fresh milk and cream added in coconut.

In fact, she recipe requires in coconut cream :). I also prepare sweets and *Raphael* - condensed milk, butter and coconut and if it is a rare mixture add crushed wafers of ice cream cones.

Many beautiful and original cake you did!

Thank you, Reni! I wanted everyone to have figure, for it was so dressed up :)

Yoanka, great beauty you create! BRAVO!

Thank Mile!

Can you tell me roughly how much candy out of this kolichetsvo products? And that will happen if replaced with wafer biscuits?

Big cake! At first the cream seemed a little heavy, but its combination with pineapple perfect. Thanks for the recipe :)