Spanish wind

Submitted by enr on 06 Jan 2009
# For the base:
10 egg whites
500 g sugar
2 tsp vinegar
# For the cream:
10 yolks
300 g sugar
3 tbsp cocoa
2 tbsp flour
300 ml milk
2 vanilla
250 g of margarine or butter
200-300 g ground hazelnuts
250 g whipped cream
The base: 10 egg white is broken down well with the sugar and add the vinegar. The finished mixture is poured into a rectangular tray, covered with greased with butter cooking paper. Oven was preheated to 200 C. After putting the tray in the oven is reduced to 175 C and baked for 10 minutes, then reduced to 150 C and baked for 50 minutes. The finished base cut of three - to get three the base. Cream: yolks, sugar, cocoa and flour are broken, then add milk and boil on low heat with constant stirring. As thickened to pudding add vanilla and leave to cool. Separately, mix the butter and add to the already cooled down cream, mix well and add the ground hazelnuts. The cake is formed by piecing: base, cream, sour cream, such as cream and cream are distributed evenly to the base three . Decorated with colored sugar sticks, hazelnuts, grated chocolate.
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06 Jan 2009


A great recipe! I love all the options Meringue! Bravo!