Pita Flower

Submitted by enr on 14 Feb 2013
500 g flour
about 300 ml milk
1 egg + 1 egg white
1 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
1-2 tbsp sunflower oil (olive oil)
7 g of dry yeast (500 g flour)
60 g butter
# spreads:
1 yolk
1 tsp milk
2-3 drops of sunflower oil
Pita Flower
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Sift the flour 3 times. Mix with dry yeast, salt and sugar. In the middle is done well and add the oil, lightly beaten egg whites and gradually warmed milk. Kneaded to obtain a good elastic dough. Form a ball and leave covered in a warm place to rise until doubled in volume. portions of the risen dough aside part to the size of a small ball. Divide by 3 to form rectangles, smeared with melted butter. Are imposed on each other and roll, which is placed upright in the middle of the tray. Prepared roses. remaining dough is divided into 3 equal parts. Each part izmesva several times on a floured surface, to form a ball and roll it into a circle. Each round is coated with melted butter and placed one upon another. Cut to triangle 8 which is wound on rolls. Each muffin curves arc and gather round florets in a pan with a diameter of about 24 cm, on baking paper. So shaped pita covered with a cloth and leave in a warm place to rise. rise pita smeared once with broken yolk with milk and sunflower oil. For more shine after a few minutes the staining is repeated. Bake in preheated oven at 170-180S 25-30 minutes, until golden. Finished, still hot bread, sprayed with water and with a towel to stay soft. Hot or smeared with a little butter.
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14 Feb 2013


Beauty and must be very tasty when there is oil, bravo Ina another beauty, I thus uttering the cake and is very easy and beautiful.

flowers really was very tasty! The idea for this way of shaping me came at the last moment, I took uttering muffins. I can sort them in the usual way - by rays. It was a cake for my birthday :)

very healthy and happy and to be happy with our many new recipes.

Thank you, dear, for the good wishes!

lovely cake! As gold!

Wonderful pictures Inche-as always! Record-recipe will try! :)

mimsi, this effect is obtained as a cake / or other pastry / Spread 2 times - once as pozasahne second time. I read this somewhere in the internet and then apply it. :)

Desi, you are master of the cakes, so that you will get even better! :) Benefits dough, which you like the most!

Inche, this cake was our last night's dinner. Very tasty and beautiful, thank you! In the last 3-4 years do cakes only on occasion and always in a hurry, and yet something in the final result I do not like. Now I thought that I'm no good for the job, although tampered by age 11. On this and I spent the necessary time and attention, and became perfect! Thanks to you again my family will enjoy delicious breads! The pictures are on the phone to my son, and he sat on the computer, and deaf as to remind them again uploaded. But somehow it will blackmail do it;).

Ive no such thing *'m not!* Is, they, and how it still! Just ask and do not give up:) Well, sometime become and failures, but without it can not! I am very glad that bread has become better. A son has before, that a grandmother wants to see bread Mom! :)

Very nice cake, Ina! Became a delicious, soft and fluffy! I put stuffing and green. Do not ordered exactly in this way, who showed (my muffins were smaller and could not excuse them arcs). Next time, however, promise to handle :)

Reni perfect performance as always!

Reni, is great! No matter how it is formed, the important thing is delicious! Glad proposals option with stuffing! :)

Ina, I think this time I did better than finding :)

Reni, is wonderful! I am very glad that he did it again! :)

Reni cake is beautiful as a royal crown.

Thank you, girls :) I loved the arrangement of bread and I do at least one of the cakes for Velkiden this way.

For health reasons not interfere. By the rules of the machine for bread I loaded the listed products turned kneading and rising and then
I shaped cakes flower. I am very pleased. Tilia, congratulations for the recipe!
And upload photos.

Milka, very nice cakes, bravo! Thanks for the idea! I am glad that you give a proposal to use the bread machine. :) From experience you can enjoy kulinarkite who have such a machine :)

This is now our favorite cake :) Ina, this time she had formed and otherwise (I hope you like the flower) :), and again put green stuffing. Is great!

Reni, is wonderful! I thought that he did it with chocolate) in the middle how you shape it?

Thanks, Ina! Image became darker and therefore filling looks like :) In the middle unit did, however all were longer and twisted them a few more times.

very well received. Roll out the dough between put and mix of seeds (sesame, flax, sunflower and pumpkin). Only to say that milk 300ml much of the meal, took me about 200, a cup.

Very tasty cake, definitely will do often. I uploaded a picture.

Danny, I'm glad that you liked the cake! With the addition of seeds has become even more delicious. The quantity of milk - different flours absorb different amounts of liquid. I am therefore wrote *300 ml*, and in the explanation in the recipe that added *gradually*. I hope to make it again and upload photos! :)

Ina, bread is amazing! It's so delicious and fluffy! I twisted it again in a different way (twice made her equally) :) I recently saw here in the forum very interesting cakes (like roses) and immediately decided to try if I can do something :) Well ... it was not, however, ... ate it again :) :)

Wow, beautiful fat boy! Reni, shows you that it is fluffy and beautifully shaped her! Congratulations! :)

And today successfully made my favorite flower cake! I uploaded new photos. I had a slight hitch in the beginning, co nevertheless became well - after I started, I found that my fresh milk is sour (yesterday bought organic milk). I had no time to go out for new, and so I swapped to walnut milk, which I did for 2 minutes. Also used spelled flour, and again put four types of seeds - sunflower, sesame, pumpkin and flax. Became a very healthy delicious cake. :)

Well done, Danny! My sincere congratulations! Very glad you experiment! Great healthy loaf! :) How do walnut milk (maybe private messages to email me)? Instead of milk can be used yogurt or soda water or plain water. Well, it is clear that the outcome would be different! :)

Do walnut milk as shatter walnuts in a blender with water for 1-2 minutes. For example, about 40 g walnuts 1, 5-2 cups of water. The proportions may vary in both directions, depending on how thick you want to become. Percolate it with a strainer. In some recipes do not even percolate. So do other nut milks. In some of the recipes that I have uploaded you can see other species.

Ina again did our favorite cake and I shaped it again in another way :)

Reni, is wonderful! Great layouts do! Congratulations! :)