Moist pumpkin

Submitted by enr on 22 Dec 2011
400 g filo pastry sheets
1 cup sugar
1 cup walnuts, chopped in large pieces
1 tbsp cinnamon
sunflower oil - 200 ml
# For the syrup:
1 cup sugar
2 cup water
Moist pumpkin
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Pumpkin Grate, then squeezed. Add the walnuts, cinnamon and sugar. So the filling is ready. Take the peel - can in a can and two, but the best one. Each sprinkles with sunflower oil, by stuffing with pumpkin and rolled. Arrange in a greased tray. 1. Pour a cup Heat the sunflower oil. Bake standard - about 180 C, about 20-30 minutes, until browned top. Before it's nice to boil the syrup and after removing it from the oven showered him with already cooled down syrup. It's nice to stand for one day. * Cinnamon - who does not like - not put. * If you love a juicy - increase the amount of syrup.
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22 Dec 2011


Good idea, something like pumpkin baklava. I'm flooded with fresh milk with sugar and vanilla, pumpkin when I failed and I became very dry. Syrup I have not tried probably a good thing.

Try it and see, nothing to do with other types of pies with pumpkin. Not just completely different. And also it is with filo pastry, my grandmother did it was so-divine!

so I just do it at home *dry* pumpkin does not like. Only this cup hot oil seems to me a lot, given that cover each layer ..

might find an explanation of the amount of oil: once people obviously loved by *blazhnichko*, and here, and I came in more, but as a conclusion, when you pour the syrup fattier not felt.Matter of taste, if you is more simply reduce the amount.

It is really tasty and I do so. :) Missed to note the amount of pumpkin. I put plenty and because of this and my oil is about 200 ml. and not at all greasy.

Much more palatable became moist so far not syrupy

I did it in the recipe except for the hot oil! It was very tasty and juicy pumpkin! :)

I also do it moist and when I'm not lazy Roll your own sheet, and otherwise take from the thick peel baked on hot plate or Adrianople peel-because they are very thin and then by pumpkin syrup is not something kashvat..edinstvenoto which is different in my stuffing, do not use spray oil to heat up 4-5 with. l. and put grated pumpkin to pozaparzhi 4-5 moments-it softens and took it away from the fire put sugar and walnuts kanerlata-then she send forth sauce and her spray on leaf spray and the sauce (so taught me svekito) but me lazy straight confuse it with oil and other work and do not have to sift separate oil-I do a lot of pumpkin pumpkin ..and it very much like moist taste is unique, there is nothing to do with the other powdered pumpkin ...

Many successful recipe. Recommend in January

Why neobzhhodimite how pumpkin products will we need?

I really missed the quantity of pumpkin, but for example a small pumpkin are ideal, but if you stay can be frozen and grated.

For the first time I made pumpkin and did this only slowed the oil quantity and became just wonderful! I never liked pumpkin, but this simply is not only that I liked, but simply my favorite! Bravo for the recipe!

It is very tasty. Really nice recipe for pumpkin, thanks!