Biscuits with two ingredients

Submitted by enr on 29 Jul 2013
1 cup fine oatmeal
2 bananas
# Additional optional:
raisins, nuts, cinnamon, chocolate, honey or any other of your choice
Biscuits with two ingredients
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Oatmeal is poured into a bowl. Add to sliced ​​bananas. Creased well with a fork. Using a spoon shaped balls, place on baking paper and press. Bake at 180C for about 15 minutes.
Very easy
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29 Jul 2013


Yesterday I saw on Facebook, and today already here. Bravo. Image with chocolate, you may want to translate and incorporate the recommendations of the author (Karina Pilch), that cookies may be added to chocolate, raisins, cinnamon, nuts and more. the desire and fantasy. The pictures are also from the site handimania. com

I Preval that can be added and other new things that you describe. And the pictures are mine, not the site. :)

Excuse me, because they saw them in the ingredients, I noted. And the pictures are so similar not only at first, but also the second and third glance that did not recognize the differences. How to taste? Crispy or soft? Sweet or neutral?

Healthy and tasty scary! I made two doses of sweet, one with oatmeal, bananas and raisins to the other added more cinnamon and coconut. Became mekichki and very tasty! :) More warm we ate. :) Tomorrow I will make them for breakfast to eat yogurt. Many thanks for the recipe!

I wanted the name of the recipe to meet the presentation, so no entries in the additional ingredients with product are optional and according to taste. I liked the visual presentation of the recipe online, so I made these photos. In my case, the sweetness is delivered mainly from chocolate. Mekichki are very tasty. After lunch I made a second batch, but some were just basic products, because my daughter, who is eight meters and many like them :)

Bravo mimoza784! Of course with walnuts, raisins, chocolate.

I have prepared them before. They are great! Later will add photos :)

I'm glad you like the recipe :) Yesterday I made them with hazelnuts and raisins soaked in rum. Anointed them with chocolate and sprinkled with coconut. Were divine! Sadly eaten still warm and I did not photograph them.

I tell them I added raisins, chocolate and LZ 1. L. Honey :)

I love the cookies, put the whole package (200 g) oatmeal, 3 bananas and 1 pm. L. 2 with cinnamon. L. Honey :)

cookies are great! Made only with the main products. Next time will surely try and chocolate, and nuts, and cinnamon ... two words will do them often :) we like!

Rennie, great picture! :)

Thank you, Nelly :)

Many are delicious. Great, fast, easy. Thanks for the great recipe.

This time have chocolate (very) :) I added a little flavor rum. There are magnificent!

Reni, this chocolate ... izlezhdat very tempting! :)

Very tempting photos, Reni!

Nelly, mimetics, thanks :) Gone!

made them chocolate with hazelnuts and cinnamon added. Very tasty!

made them ready with granola mix and received surprisingly delicious! I say surprising because I do not like cookies with oatmeal. These are vkuski and particularly healthy.

made sweet, I put 2 in. L. Honey, dried fruit and nuts. I added photos.

I made the recipe with only two ingredients and received many delicious cookies, but few. Next time I would add only some nuts, nothing else.

Yes, a little bit out. I do them in a double dose, but again very quickly end.

Are sweet enough without any sugar?

Give me enough sweet without sugar (when the bananas are ripe and sweet). Otherwise they sweetened with a little honey.

Yes, I put honey, nuts, raisins and peeled sunflower seeds, but the taste of banana comes to my little qualify for heavy :( hope of my men like them!

Very delicious were received, put them and a little honey. But is it good banana remain soft as jelly or had more to roast them?

axis mekichki, do not worry. I am glad that they liked.

Many tasty cookies! Every time I make them with different additions to the two main ingredients and the result is always excellent :)

Reni again wonderful picture that adorns the recipe! :)

Thank Mimeto! I tried, biscuits deserve :)

Now roast them and I think my son who is 1 year experience them. Hopefully not become gritty. Thanks for the recipe :)

Do not worry, become mekichki :) my daughter was a year old and many like them :) I hope and your son has to love him!

are great, I made them for Valentine photos here! Thanks for the great recipe!

steple, wonderful pictures! Very good hearts you did! Enjoy your holiday sweet :)

This time with raisins, hazelnuts and dark chocolate pieces, I poured them with melted dark chocolate and sprinkled with coconut. This combination is my favorite :) Oszhen tozha sate very well kill my desire for something sweet and far more caloric.

Can you tell me how many grams is one cup of oatmeal cookies and how many units out of this fix?

Of the above amounts were prepared 12-15 biscuits depends on their size. I can not oimogna with weight of oatmeal, I'm sorry.

Mimeto again did some of our favorite biscuits (as always double dose) :)

Wonderful pictures, Reni! As always :)

Just put them to bake. Can not wait to try them. Smelled great

Tony, I hope you and your tastes are like cookies :)