Rich bread

Submitted by enr on 16 Oct 2012
750-800 g flour
42 g fresh yeast
1 tbsp sugar
1 tsp salt
120 g sour cream
2 eggs
300 ml milk (warm)
65 g butter (melted)
# spreads:
65 g soft butter
Rich bread
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Yeast and sugar dissolve in 100 ml milk and let it rise 10-15 minutes. The flour is sieved, is made well in which it was poured yeast, sour cream, eggs, salt. Carefully add a little milk and mix a soft dough. While Messi put half butter, spoon on a spoon. The dough is shaped into a ball, place in a greased bowl, cover with a cloth and leave in a warm place to rise until doubled in volume. Already risen disc is divided into 11 equal parts in 125, the Each part is shaped into a ball, leave for 10 minutes to rest. 10 of the balls are rolled on a square with a 20-25 cm. Dab with butter. Folded on a triangle. Again smear with butter. Sharp peaks bend to the right corner. The resulting figure is folded in two. 10 finished pieces are arranged with the top of the inside tray (30 cm), covered with paper. 11th ball roll of tape size 30h8 cm. Dab with butter, were folded in half lengthwise, is wound into a roll and placed in the center of the tray. All bread is brushed with butter and leave to rise for 30-40 minutes. Before placing in the oven again smear with butter. Bake at 190C ° for 40 minutes. Already baked again smear with butter, cover with towel and leave for 10-15 minutes to rest (to around levels)
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16 Oct 2012
Eva Toneva -


Looks great. Very well explained and clearly presented recipe. Will necessarily try :).

is very nice, goes immediately to Favorites

mezhdusgavaniyata can you put cheese

Yes, you can put cheese colorful salt. Indeed, the bread is very soft and fragrant of oil! Do not spared and anoint each fold.

great beauty! And it seems is very tasty!

Wonderful bread! mimsi, You have done great! Congratulations!

Thanks! I appreciate your opinion!

Very nice and tasty bread, cheese added any folding, covered with yolk and sprinkled with sesame. Thanks for the recipe of mimsi

I'm glad you liked it! And the pictures look attractive! :)

little confused folding, but as I look not seen much, very tasty, good lunch get

mimsi, Petya, great pogachki look neat! The pictures are great, just tempt me. In the near future I will try. Now, when I saw her going into the favorites.

turned out to be very easy and very tasty, try not sorry to know

mimsi, Petya, gorgeous breads you have done!

sure will try ... looks great, no doubt, and it is so delicious. Thank you! Making it, will boast carefully! :)

Today I had the opportunity to do. I think I've done well ... :)

Yes, definitely much better! The next time (if any :)) Grill more baking pan (shape) in order not to flatten at the ends. If only I could chupna less than the corner ...

very good mamacha

Thank you, will necessarily have a next time ... name day of my grandson:) This was just a test ... but should seek appropriate baking pan.

This is the most successful and nice bread which I did. Excellent.

Enjoy! A picture will not you?

Sorry, no picture, because we did a test and I have not sought to make her beautiful / as picture) /.

I made this cake several times because I had occasions and the result was stunning. Bravo for the recipe!

Since I made this bread is no longer paint with egg, but only with oil. The crust becomes incredible!

Good morning! Yesterday I made the bread for the first time. What can I say, it was eaten in no time. Unique and delicious mekichka. Thank mimsi recipe. Good day to all!

Yesterday again I made the bread, because today we have a collection :). Became super, but my wife crush greed leads nowhere :)! Mother in law would not be angry, you know? Again thanks to mimsi, nice day everyone!

Do not be angry with the woman, how to resist such temptation:) Glad you like it, and thanks to me to be so that I bothered and I shared the recipe Eve, but how do I keep her, and let others enjoy!