Sponge cake in a glass microwave

Submitted by enr on 10 Mar 2013
2 eggs
175 g sugar
150 g flour
120 g margarine
5 g baking powder
150 g walnuts
100 g chocolate spread
3 tsp cocoa
Sponge cake in a glass microwave
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Bake the walnuts for 3-4 minutes in the microwave. Cut in large pieces. Put the margarine for 30 seconds in the microwave to soften slightly. Beat margarine and sugar well. Maybe with a stirrer. The amount is not large, so it is not necessary to use the mixer. Add the eggs, flour, baking powder and vanilla. Beat again. Finally, add and the walnuts. The dough is obtained less than a cake baked in the oven. Beat the chocolate spread with chocolate to thicken. If not serving cake directly into the cup at the bottom of the cup insert circle of pastry paper. Pour 1 tbsp of cake batter on the bottom. Add 2 tsp of compressed chocolate spread. Fill with cake batter to little more than half a glass. Do not fill in any case, because the cake rises almost double and in more quantity ran outside. Put the cups in the microwave and cook in microwave on maximum - 800W for 3 minutes. If you want to try first amount, put only one cup and bake at maximum - 800 W for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. While searching for an appropriate serving dish or cookie cutter decoration cappuccino cake is ready. You can serve the cake in a cup or remove, once cool and if necessary go with a knife on the walls of the cup and turn. Remove the paper from the circle cooking cake. You do not have to anoint the walls with sunflower oil and sprinkle with flour. Cake comes out very easy. If you cut the cake into thick discs. If you serve the cup, sprinkle with cocoa and garnish with sweet. * For 4 cups of 250 ml.
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10 Mar 2013


Congratulations for the recipe! Become extremely delicious cakes! Cook very quickly (about half an hour but I have made them, but ate them) :) And, that overflowed ... well looks :) brought them without them take out the glasses (my men were impressed ) :)

Reni look at this picture now, it has coffee, cookie coffee cake flower to them and appropriate light, how come you do not know these ideas, but this is talent

Petya, who lay not know what efforts or in arranging or while shooting. All my life I painted (that I learned and I am working at the moment). Perhaps there is a reason some of my photos look better (obviously see beauty everywhere). :)

Reni, thanks for the evaluation of the recipe. Your pictures are really wonderful. Talent for arrangement too. Izumi me otherwise - glasses who enjoyed :). Definitely form are glasses for wine and not for hot beverages - cappuccino or as a last resort for Irish coffee or grog. How long bake the cake in the microwave?

may be right

Thank you, Marina! I do have my glasses for wine :) I did not know whether they will survive in the microwave, but no transparent cappuccino and many cupcakes I wanted to see :) First one tried to detect your baking time (though these cups are smaller than those for cappuccino and with thin walls). Cupcakes were ready for 2 minutes and 10 seconds.

I use glasses of whiskey, made 1/2 dose ie 2 pc. after baking took the glasses and I poured chocolate, then one cut it into circles with which I loaded 2 cups, thus, a circle of cream cake, cream cake again and cream, sprinkled with almonds, has become a very tasty ...

Cream is Pistacchi- pistachios and it is green.

flowers, I liked your idea to cut the circles of the cake and serve it with cream :)

Your photos are unique! I do not want to say unique - your experience too! I think anywhere on the Internet shows no cake in a microwave, to be baked in wine glass or a whiskey glass, so that it will ever shown cake in a glass, and even heat-resistant glass - to see inside what happens to kekchetata! Flowers, I think that the idea to add a bit more cream is nice. I noticed that half destroy than other cakes with jam and sour cream in a natur :)

Marina, any glass put in the microwave, even the sponge for washing dishes wet set for 1 minute, so do disinfection.

Yesterday I made this dessert. However, the mixture was my very gasta- edvaaa falling from a spoon. Alternating mixture and chocolate became more colorful and juicy. Otherwise, it is very interesting ideyata- thus saving electricity and again :) and finally get a delicious chocolate cake portion. Congratulations! :)

I do not want to start with the words *It's hard to believe that the dough has become thick because of me definitely, the few times I did it when I became rare. I can only say that they are not exactly measured weight, because actually we have over half a cup of liquid to one cup of flour. * This is a standard response that does not explain. But what will explain is this: suppose that walnuts were very finely ground. In the test, in which a deep, almost flour ground walnuts / Sheraton cake Garage / almonds, hazelnuts, and even coconut shavings - especially if dry :) dough naturally be obtained with a dense texture. So the recipe says - Cut wholesale walnuts. Or place margarine *and not oil* to soften for 30 seconds:) in the microwave. El. Engineer, I can say that not much saving electricity in the microwave, because we have a powerful generator, motor, which rotates the plate and fan, and the fact that the quantity of the finished product are significantly smaller in the volume of the microwave . Rather, I would say that to save time :).

Well mixture clearly become heavy- 1 h. H. Flour and 1 incomplete pm. H. Sugar is liquid eggs and margarine. Walnuts I had quite a edro- before they put the dough already thick. I thought to add milk, but I decided to stick to the recipe. Accordingly, the baked cake was a little tvardichak but was edible. A time-savings is definitely so :)

@ Iliana-1983 eye and virtual casseroles not make :) :) :). In other cases, it is pure coincidence and luck whatever it was you get, regardless of the recipe. It is good to buy, if not kantarche, at least graduated beaker with weights of various products - in evtinichka is :).

Yes, I kept my weight and get the form. Nice idea, I just can not perceived taste. Obviously expected to be a real cake. But with this dough in a conventional oven would also become a decent cake. Burke a very warm and I saw how nice plunk the heat :)

:) tastes like English pudding, boiled in a water bath. Or as backing *magical* cake Kodrit Kadir which pour over cream - caramel. The principle of the microwave is that there should be more water molecules under the influence of waves of a certain high frequency began to tremble, thus creating friction and heat is obtained. In case of insufficient amount of water molecules to be evaporated, the remaining molecules of the food burned by the resulting high temperatures. On the cake. *A decent cake* might work, but only with additional flour. There, formula Baker percentage - which calculates the percentage of other ingredients to the flour - means in percentage and is valid not only for bread but for other bakery products, which are baked in a normal oven. The more a person is looking more and learned so aware of how much more complex the processes and things, and why all confectionery products should be measured exactly.

This *stuffing* of chocolate whether to mafincheta for ordinary oven? I can not break even cook with this microwave, I still think it is harmful and that nothing remains ... 'nutrients' food

liliana100, the opposite is - in microwave your food is subjected to much lighter treatment than ordinary oven :)

On buns it. Instead of chocolate bars that do not drip baking. With muffins I have not experimented probably going on.

Marina, do cupcakes often :) When we urgently priyadat much something sweet, always save the situation with them :) At the moment I had chocolate and instead put raspberries. It was very well :)

quick decisions when you eat something quick, easy and very tasty :)