Universal Cream Vanilla

Submitted by enr on 18 Sep 2007
1 liter of fresh milk
4 eggs
1 cup sugar
1 cup flour
2 packets of vanilla
Universal Cream Vanilla
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Eggs are broken with sugar. Add a little of the flour and 1 and 1/2 cup of the total quantity of milk until a uniform mixture. Remaining milk is put to boil and then to it constantly stirring already broken egg mixture. Boil to thicken the cream. When ready is removed from the heat and add vanilla, stirring nice. Already finished cream can be used for cake, and for direct consumption. I brew cream in mlekovar and is very fast and easy.
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18 Sep 2007


cream is very easy to make and delicious.

Easy, but is so seductive and elegant :)

hristov99999, except that it is easy and delicious. I guarantee it. And lately while still hot put him inside one of these milk chocolate and stir until melted. Becomes divine inspiration.

how many servings is the cream?

dida332, leaving about 8 duraleksovite bowls cream. Write your guidance, because depends on the size of the eggs, and the humidity of the flour.

very easy cream and liked.I melted milk chocolate and I cast it into bowls, top poured some of the cream and top with cream decked like creme brulee.

Ilianka, I'm glad you like the pudding. With us is a favorite and you prepare it very chestichko. Chocolate you can add it to the finished cream while hot, and he will melt stirring and receive chocolate and vanilla cream is delicious.

cream is great. thanks for the recipe

agiaga, I'm glad you like the pudding :) thank you for the nice feedback :)

cream is great! I add oil as a matchbox!

elityyy79, very glad that you the pudding appealed. This butter is a good idea :)

On this cream tell him homemade cream because it is passed from generation to generation. Thank Pepa that you remember to put the recipe here. I would add only that to become the cream more air and light, the protein is broken down into snow and added to the already cooked and slightly cooled cream spoon by spoon, stirring as is on hand (in any case with a mixer). Thus the volume of the cream increases. Try and you will not regret. I also do it in Milk-making and so it becomes very smooth with no lumps.

for the male part that can not define the term *boil to thicken,* can you tell me about the time of cooking or decelerated for some subtleties in that it shows that it is ready ..

Mushmuroc, you will see yourself as the pudding boil as you stir how begins to thicken. When slightly thickened remove it from the heat and get it spilled into bowls, as he is cool compresses more. Let that be helpful :)

Boil about half an hour on low heat, stirring continuously. It is advisable to boil water bath to not become lumpy cream, and finally moved away from the heat, I add oil. Really the pudding it, great!

Very tasty! I made a cake with it and got fantastic!

vania1809, I'm glad that the pudding you like :) remind me that soon I have not done)

Thank you for the great recipe! 6

Christ, we rejoice that the pudding you like. Thank you very much for the confidence :)

Until now I did not make homemade cream, this recipe I loved it and I will try, but I have only one vaprosche - cup which you measure the sugar and flour roughly how many ml. is? I ask because I have some more golemichki and other medium-sized cups, did not I tell you, I have not done before home cream and I can not tell. Will be happy to tell me.

I would put the normal cups 150 ml.

magicekova, the cup is 200 ml.

Thank you very much!

oh hey I like this type of recipes ... favorite, delicious quick and easy is about how not to add it to Favorites?

zai4e_kate, hope and taste be your favorite :)

I do this pudding for the second time and definitely loved all three of my men ...

alinka88, I'm glad you were tasty:) Thank you for your trust!

Very nice!

Thank you, Irina :)

Irinche, your picture is great and the pudding is very tasty! I experimented with it repeatedly :)

classic recipe, but always updated

Nikki really pudding is always current and liked by small and large :)

This cream is great! It Grandma preparing cakes and filled cones. I grew up with the taste ... :)

great, and upload photos.

elenka72, thank you!

makes this cream for years with a difference that beat egg whites foam and add them to up the cold cream. Becomes very fluffy and airy, but not very durable. The next day liquefies, but who will you leave it to the other day?