Submitted by enr on 23 Nov 2009
395 g of sweetened condensed milk
15 g nesladko cocoa
15 g butter
coconut, chocolate sprinkles
colored sticks, crushed nuts
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The condensed milk is poured into a frying pan, add cocoa and the butter. Put it on the stove over low heat and stir with a wooden spoon until it becomes homogeneous and is removed from the pan. The mixture is poured into a tray to cool faster to temperature, allowing processing by hand. With a metal spoon grebva of cooled mixture. The mixture of the spoon is placed on the selected chips, add some and forms a ball the size of a walnut. Store in refrigerator.
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23 Nov 2009


Bravo! I was wondering, when will put the recipe:-) Here comes their time! Great recipe, anti-diet and seductive. Just to tell you - in the way of preparation should describe doing so without video to get an accurate picture. The video you can put it in the comments or source. If you want to imagine videoretsepta - need to translate. Not everyone here speaks the language, besides not everyone has the time and desire to watch 10 minutes: -) The language of the forum is Bulgarian, as it applies to videoretseptite:-) (See existing videoretsepti).

This is an awesome sweet experience!

The recipe is easy and successful, yielding delicious chocolates. A few things to add: 1. If you are wondering - Cocoa is 3 s. L., Oil 1. L. 2./ Stirring all the time constant. 5. You will know when it is ready (takes about 10 minutes), the mixture changes and becomes like gum - by tilting the entire pot is removed from the walls, as they move with the rod in the middle and trace remains visible bottom. 6. Baking pan in which pour the finished mixture is better to be slightly greased. 7. No need for a spoon to shape the sweets, just rub your hands with oil and tear the pieces that shape and oval. Very suitable is ready to put candy in colorful paper pads candy :)

They became great! I love different and foreign recipes, especially if you do not require hard to find products.

I want to ask, how and how much can be stored. My begun to harden and crystallize after about a day.

in the box for sweet, covered with plastic wrap and refrigerate - would not dry. I'm not doing them, but store and laddu, and other sweets. Good luck :)

Many thanks for the answer!

I suppose it is a sweetened condensed milk or wrong? No sugar in the recipe, and I want to be sure.

Iliana-1983, yes, it is sweetened. Directly specify it in the recipe.

OK, thanks a lot :)

Wonderful candy. Very tasty and easy to make! :)

Very tasty recipe!