Fragrant baklava

Submitted by enr on 09 Jul 2004
2 packages peel
4 eggs
200 g walnuts
200 g flour
800 g sugar
1 tsp (5 g) baking powder
4 vanilla powder
sunflower oil or butter
Fragrant baklava
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Tray in which will be arranged baklavate smeared with sunflower oil (or butter) and begin to line up the sheet of one package each crust sprinkled with sunflower oil (or butter). Once over the first package with peel, pour the filling, which is a mixture of beaten eggs, ground walnuts, 200 g of sugar, flour, which is mixed baking powder and vanilla powder 2. Then piecing the second filo pastry sheets, again each crust sprinkled with sunflower oil (or butter). So made baklava is baked in a preheated oven at about 160-170 C degrees. After roast was cut into pieces and pour the syrup prepared from 600 g of sugar, 800 ml water and 2 powder vanilla, the syrup is boiled until thickening. Observe the rule: hot baklava - cold or hot syrup syrup - cold baklava.
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09 Jul 2004


baklava is very nice. I do this Baklava for many years. I even gave this recipe to my friends from Serbia, who are very satisfied. Enjoy your meal.

baklava is wonderful! For many years they prepare and all loved it.

is wonderful. You can add cinnamon and cloves to stuffing for Christmas spirit.

Can anyone give me a recipe for these wafers because here can not buy.

is great, it can be done with a package peel, and as for the sheet can look for them in the big Outlets in display cabinets with frozen convenience foods.

Regarding the dough can be made with puff pastry (here called feuillet & # 233; e), became great.

Very nice baklava! Going to peel Bella.

baklava is great. Often do make friends here and they really like it. Most ate baklava with peel, walnuts, and cinnamon, and this kind of very like it.

Great baklava it is true!

Soon They bought me such baklava, but rotation is a little different - order sheets (2 pcs.), Order filling, line sheets, so baklava for my liking than that in which the filling is just in the middle.

Very nice, yesterday I worked on it mostly still will do! Only it seems to me that the syrup is a little-my stay a little dry, and today, and boil for another 300 grams. syrup. And I used one pack peel and I worked on it in layers. I can not stop to praise it! :)

Bravo very good and easy recipe, and very very tasty Thanks

super, will finally make my husband baklava-turn up :) :) goes to Favorites

became great, thanks for the recipe

syrup recipe is a little-I personally did, 800 g sugar and water 1200, but it is insufficient-Have a consideration when it makes

This retsehta rules and I have to tell you is very successful. In my 2 packages CORI are many, one is enough.

I do make this baklava, but put 1 pack peel and 1 tablespoon cinnamon filling. Is great!

I do with it for years, but the stuffing January allocate three or four.

I do not know why but we call it Arabian baklava and is very tasty.

baklava was very delicious!

It is great and I do just that for years you forgot cinnamon can not baklava without cinnamon!

I used 1 package pastry, 500 g. 2paketa much for this stuffing. A syrup made in a double dose. One dose is least 1 package cup and two do not know how it will be watered. I love baklava is very syrupy. I added a little cinnamon. It was delicious baklava.

I made it away! First make baklava pastry in the stuffing. Was very nice. But I I worked on it with 1 package pastry Bella and the syrup did 1l of water and 650 grams of sugar. A stuffing erupted on 5 lines. Next time will be 3 because it is thick and difficult to spread. Goes to favorites. Thanks for retsptata.