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4 potatoes
# For the filling:
300 g minced meat
1 onion (finely chopped)
2 tbsp finely chopped parsley
2 cloves garlic (finely chopped)
pepper and cinnamon - on top of tsp salt
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper optional
# breading:
2 eggs
sunflower oil for frying
# For the tomato sauce:
3-4 tomatoes or canned
1 onion
3 cloves garlic
salt a little sugar, pepper optional
50 ml sunflower oil
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Peel the potatoes and cut into circles with thickness of 5 mm. Each round is split by the end leave healthy. Add salt is. Minced meat is kneaded with all listed products. Potato slices open and filled with minced meat, melt in flour, then in beaten egg and fry in heated sunflower oil. Tomato sauce - fry chopped onion and garlic, add grated tomatoes, salt, pepper sugar and a little water, and allowed to thicken. Fried potatoes are put in tomato sauce to boil for 5-10 minutes. Tomato sauce is not binding can be served only fried. * This is a Libyan dish and cooked in Bulgaria always show-stealing.
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03 Feb 2011


Very original dish, it is understandable why get applause for it. I added it to favorites, I liked the very first reading, I promise soon to try it. Thank you! Furthermore sauce served you with a garnish for example?

You and salad after turning point in the sauce are removed, the more thinly cut potato is so much better.

Yes, it is a very attractive proposition. Interesting and new. Proofing you baking? And the result I have no doubt, will rob and I ovatsiyte :)

most well breaded and have aesthetic, I have not tried in the oven. Prepared quickly and eaten cold.

Today I read the recipe and come ... are ready for dinner. Very, very tasty. There is an exotic hint of cinnamon (subtle), but gives them a unique taste. A pungent makes them more appetizing. I serve them with yogurt sauce with garlic.

In the picture are just fried.

Elti, very swift and skillful in minced meat you can put any odors but the presence of cinnamon makes them different delicious. Congratulations!

I panicked breaded of breadcrumbs mixed with cornflakes, but I did vrmee to photograph him, but I loved

And your photos are more beautiful than my!

Retqanabel, great idea, next time I will make them your way.

Steffanell, I'm glad you like the photos. Now I read that eating cold and we quickly devoured them warm:-) And eating are quick and skillful:-)

and we eat them warm that HEMA who sit until cool looking

warm are good but cold and eat the next day!

Ivalina, dug in the Arab Internet, finished house sauce put them in a baking dish potato batter without fried them, put them on home. sauce and bake in the oven until ready. Home. sauce is not much in the pan to cover the bottom!

VERY thanks :)

option baked in the oven will necessarily be done. Congratulations to the original recipe!

Thanks for the good reviews and success in the preparation!

Many are delicious. And my picture just fried, but otherwise they served with tomato sauce.

Congratulations Ivka, and the picture is beautiful!

Stahotna recipe! I want to try, but I'm allergic to eggs. Is there another way to panic?

only dip them in flour and fry them and so will be!

very, very tasty it was our dinner now, thanks for the recipe: 0)

girls just wondering if this mafrum can be fried in deep fryer for faster? What do you think?

Many ideas, why can not I fried with friturnik not see me that my husband does not like it. His principle is fried and throw oil!

wow and my husband is with this oil, and now how expensive this oil and I Frizzle secret HAH ha

already gone to favorites ... and because today I will not have the opportunity to try it, tomorrow will be our lunch ... and I will shoot .. if not forgotten December ...

if there was excellent assessment would give two such ... Great meal and quickly became yet very tasty ... This dish enrich my menu ... I can say a big well done and thank steffanell that share it with us ..

missed only say that his potatoes cut them into thin shaybichki and put 1 teaspoon of minced meat between them and pelleted again, I just could not make them like the original only split ... but again it is not rearranged ... I got one snimchitsa.

This dish semeyktvoto me crazy ... Yesterday Mafrum with home. sauce ate no time, today I did it again but this time he poured sauce pickled. milk, garlic, dill and parsley and again destroyed in no time. I applied and image. And once again a big bravo to the author ...

From the threads in my practice to become thin potato slice them separately squeeze them at the end and fill batter them by holding them with two fingers at the end and fry. Subsequent use grater potatoes and make them still are nice. I apologize for the late reply

mamcheto61 the pictures I see you do well.

Today I tried them roasted in the oven - still are great (I liked it that they were standing over your head:-). Magnificent taste and tomato sauce (in my case home chutney).

Elti, very well made them just as should be open!

As smileys are:-) I tried them and cold - really so delicious.

Congratulations for the recipe! and me were received as the first picture. Only me puzzled fried wonders are a little raw, or to me so ?. Now braise them in the tomato sauce to see if I get. I read that someone consume them with garlic sauce. What!?!?

Today I made them, instead of eggs for breading used sour cream, fuzzy with little water and Paiute them in the oven. Very tasty, thanks for the recipe! Upload a photo.

kora, when you are plump cut is it, but let them go in tomato sauce to boil it to easily be cut see comment 30. dtsoni the image shows that made them very well !.

kora, I parzhih of them not very strong stove. So fries stood contentedly in the pan and izparzhiha well without burn breading. The second time I did them in the oven and again were wonderful. Not remained harsh for both options. And garlic sauce - mix yogurt with a little crushed garlic (you can put other spices, but in this case I decided that I do not need another). Ready Mafrumi pour this sauce.

It looks very tasty will try this recipe

are great, ate quickly, quickly! I did both the sauce, garlic and tomato. And both very tasty! Thanks for the wonderful recipe!

Very tasty! Little drove them even without the sauce, you can not wait that he smelled nice :)

Good, very good looks.

Today I made the dish I filled it with tomato sauce, but do not know why and my fries were slightly surovi- not know of potato Is Cutting them pretty thin, but you were raw when frying. I put them in the sauce to the VWP, but again a little harsh. Otherwise, as a whole, except for the fact the dish is very tasty and will try again to prepare.

It was super tasty dish - prepared it with beef. Zapekoh mafrumite oven on baking paper, then put a piece of cheese on top to seal. Serve with yogurt sauce with garlic :)

It seems very interesting and well-today it will be dinner!

Yesterday it prepared. Parzhih mafrumite slow fire .. 6 of 9 possible. Not remain raw. I followed spices to minced meat, but I have very little, next time will season them as meatballs without egg. Both prepared sauce - milk and tomato. With milk go much better. Bravo for the recipe :)

made them for dinner zapekoh them in the oven, and finally sprinkled them with cheese. Peko them of 200C for 40 minutes. 7min to cheese. I filled them with two sauce. And both are good with milk feels more garlic (400ml. 4. 5% milk, 1 clove garlic 3 sprigs of dill). With tomato sauce is more like our dishes, despite the slight taste of cinnamon from mafrumchetata. With me were not spicy, although I put cayenne pepper. Next time I will make them and fried.

Today I'm going to do for dinner. But I want to ask not there a danger minced meat and potatoes remain raw, still in frying batter is very short? Perhaps as written Elti should be fried at a low heat.

Milencha must be careful with the temperature frying - if high breading burns and potatoes remained harsh. In the oven becomes easier - do plenty of them on an oiled baking sheet. Keep everything in the recipe, except uttering mafrumi batter in pan. Taste no different than fried - the lower crust becomes gorgeous (I have not tried to turn - and then both sides will become like fried).

Elti, thank you for the advice. I decided to do them in the halogen oven. I'd like to keep my original recipe and let them fry