Banana layered cake - II type

Submitted by enr on 15 Oct 2008
3 prepared cake bases
500 ml cream
3 banana
juice from bananas
2 liquid vanilla essence
1 cup walnuts
400 g biscuits (2 packages)
Парено dough - marzipan Varna
Banana layered cake - II type
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The bases are divided, first put on a plate with syrup juice, sprayed lightly with vanilla, smeared with cream and pre shattered above are arranged cut slices of bananas and then sprinkled with plenty of walnuts. So rank and three the base, and the top cover is made of marzipan Varna. Remove cake decorated with biscuits, which are arranged as fence. Marzipan Varna can be modeled figurines and ornaments.
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15 Oct 2008


A great recipe with lots of great photos! Bravo !!!

cakes are great, but the taste is great!

I have no words for this cake is great.

Very tasty cake with a great picture.

If the taste is so good, as in appearance - BRAVO! :-)

Thank you, you are very kind, but taste great and as well as it looks.

not only beautiful, but also very tasty. Is very fast. Well, depends on what decoration you intended, but only by a fence of biscuits and sprinkled with walnuts also look good.

Many thanks for your very nice :)

Bravo! Master is a master :)

Thank you very much!

Great cake. Bravo! To favorites is!

As I put it in lubimi. Soon my birthday and mog hell prepare it.

can be placed and finished pieces.

I I worked on it for his birthday and it was amazing. All loved it. Thanks for the recipe :)

I did it, and became quite successful! :)

Tasty and light cake, and you quickly get ready.

Easy and delicious cake!

Very light and delicious cake! Bravo!

Great is the only image ... imagine if you ask!