Fritters - III type

Submitted by enr on 01 Dec 2002
200 g yogurt
3 eggs
3 tsp (15 g) sugar
pinch of salt
1/2 tsp (2 g) of baking soda
2 cup (400 g) flour
fat frying
Fritters - III type
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All products are mixed good and ready mix with a spoon is placed in a preheated oil.
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01 Dec 2002


Many are delicious as cool to pour the sugar syrup 500 g sugar + 500 ml water and boil for 5-10 min +1 vanilla. Enjoy your meal!

dough do the same, but it sheetable and 2 different sized cups cut out pretzels. After fry them roll in powdered sugar. Great and easy recipe!

I grated a little lemon peel aroma. Very tasty!

My favorite fritters childhood, bravo!

Very tasty! This morning they tried and were great - congratulations for the recipe!

And I tried them were very tasty and fluffy. Have been looking for a recipe to my pogodi eee ... now I found it will try and roll, thanks for the nice recipe :)

were very tasty and fluffy ones were

became very fluffy and delicious, I added more sugar :)

unfortunately did not get my: ((I do not know why, but remained inside raw and outside blasted :(

Desi guess them or fried in a small amount of fat, or your fire was very strong - then overcook the outside, but inside still raw. Do not give up, try again! Good luck!

to go through my head that maybe very hot fire fried them, but it was too late, unfortunately, will try again another day not give up easily thanks :)

They are very tasty and not take a lot of fat. Many are tastier and sweeter.

feel good! And I made them with my 50% corn flour, because I found myself with very little white :) became like tortillas. Upload a photo.

I do fritters in this recipe, but usually put products eye. Each time the result and the taste is excellent.

were recorded and waiting in line a long time, but only now awakened my interest zashtoto tonitaleva has achieved great round. If not a secret, how it ?!Image tells me that there is another way-except spoon. I think it can and syrup ...

Well I add plenty of flour, make a soft paste, otherwise absorb more fat and I do not like. So knead tests, which Roll it with about 5 mm thick and cut with a glass of brandy :)

Thank you, tonitaleva! With everything you write, I agree. On your way shte them prepared.

I hope you like them at home for 15 min. And no longer remained :)

dough became so dense that not mozheshte to spoon!

I did a double dose and norm disappeared :) Thanks for the nice recipe :)