Chicken hearts with onions and mushrooms

Submitted by enr on 08 Jan 2009
500 g chicken hearts
3 onions
400 g mushrooms
50 g processed cheese
Chicken hearts with onions and mushrooms
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Chicken Hearts until almost cooked. Fry the onions are cut into crescents. Add to the mushrooms coarsely chopped and fry over high heat to not release a lot of water and banging. Finally add hearts and spices. Pour the entire mixture into pots, put it on top processed cheese and baked for about 25 minutes in the oven.
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08 Jan 2009
1001 mushrooms


For several days I look for in the neighborhood but no heart, and I do not go to a far away, but if you do you will find this recipe, like me!

recipe immediately add to favorites and will try!

I like the recipe will necessarily make them so big yummy :)

and I will now try this retseta-and then I'll tell you.

very nice camp.

dideoxy, I'm glad you liked the recipe!

They became just gorgeous! Finished in no time, I could not photograph them. Thanks for the recipe!

And I thank you for the nice words!

A great recipe! I do not like or onions or mushrooms, but was so tasty that you omethoate entire dish.

Valia, thank you :)

There's no Maggie, I think from now on to do often, as for variety will try with other giblets.

goes directly to Favorites! Very tasty. Must try!

Today I have prepared two recipes with drinking. hearts and this is one of them - and both proved to be quite successful! Here I added a little cheese in gyuvechetata. Again thank you, Maggie! :)

made with pig hearts. Mmmm, yummy great!

Very tasty recipe. I put a little red pepper.