Small, fluffy pita

Submitted by enr on 11 Jan 2013
7 g of dry yeast or 20 g fresh
1 cup (About 3 00 ml) lukewarm water or milk
3 cups (About 500 g) flour
2 tsp sugar
1 tsp salt
2 eggs
2 tbsp sunflower oil
Small, fluffy pita
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In a large bowl sent down cold water or milk and add it to the dry yeast, sugar and 3 tbsp flour. Stir, cover with foil and let it rise yeast. Is ready when it looks like quite boiling. To effervescent yeast add salt, beaten eggs (1 whole egg white and by the way, leaving the yolk spreads), the oil and 2 cups flour. Stir well and take out the dough from the bowl to knead. Soil gradually until interfere to add the last cup of flour. Flour are different and you may remain or need to add. The dough is ready when it is soft and pleasant to the kneading, but not stick to the hands and the board on which the Messiah. At that will decide when to stop adding flour. divide the dough into two equal balls. Each of the balls (separately) rolling out the crust with a thickness of 0.5 cm, slightly above January Spread with sunflower oil, split with a knife 8 triangles and each triangle winding roll from the general to the narrow side, then arrange in a baking dish, whose bottom is placed baking paper. The same is repeated with the second ball of dough. Leave in a warm place to rise for about 30 minutes. Then, brush smeared top compartments pre yolk stirred with a tsp sunflower oil and sprinkle with sesame seeds or whatever you like. I roast 170C degrees with a fan and it takes me about 40 minutes, but each oven baked differently, so her watch. If you want more pita, just multiply the two products.
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11 Jan 2013


cakes I liked, but I did not realize how big baking pan and once you rest for? Record in her favorite and soon will try.

akva7, I bake it in baking tin with removable bottom. I think the size and were 26h7sm. For rising - not only once rises. My goal was to fit the recipe for an easy and delicious cake to prepare relatively quickly and to eat at once, because we all know that the cakes are the most delicious, while another is hot.
I hope I have not misled with the recipe and stay satisfied with the result. :)

Ilieva, thank you very much. I was about to ask you and others. day how, but I knew.

Great cake! I made it in cakes shaped like added to bread some cheese and then covered with cheese and sesame. Otani me some dough I made in shapes of muffins. It was a big cake and a few small delicious tortillas. The recipe is great. From kneading the dough was demonstrated that the bread will be superb!

elit093, thank you trust me and try the recipe! I am very happy that I have not misled and pleased with the result! I have never makes cheese, but the next will do and I like you. :)And yes, you're right, even as to knead the dough is filled with air bubbles that burst in the hands :)

Very quick and delicious cake. I made it to the small balls (no time winding and twisting) and do immediately, still warm :)

So much in delicious! Last night I did it again .. and there is no trace of it :) This recipe deserves to be among the best - the best! :)

prepared recipe and get successful Ilieva thank you very much

I can only be glad that you are satisfied with the recipe! :) Eat with your health all!

Great and easy :) I had to rise twice due to circumstances :) and still became a thread.

fiorefiore, extremely pleased me your comments! Not to mention how nice cake has become by looking image. :)

tasty cake out.

This is the first cake that I baked good. Poprepekoh something restrained her and sheet became quite dry. Two days I sat and wondered how to make it softer. Lastly, get cut into slices and put it in the toaster. Wonderful bruschetta is received. At least not throw it. Thanks for the nice recipe! I definitely repeat. Hopefully my next is successful! :)

When you release the oven to heat up, and put an empty baking pan on the bottom, to be hot with oven. When the oven has reached degrees (heat lamp goes out), put roast (valid for all baking yeast, yeast, baking soda, baking powder) and pour a glass of water in the pan. Water vapor formed immediately. Close the oven as quickly as possible. This has the effect that the water condenses on the cold roast, and still retains its surface by a long elastic, rise better and becomes crispy crust without having adobe. When you see that the water has evaporated, pour again. Modern ovens to have this feature for steam, but I do not have one and after much searching on the net, I found that Germans bake bread and other things, but they are still the country with the many types of bread - 731 normal type in 2011 year, together with the special or very low common species - 1176 type :) You can also try to brush with beaten egg a whole instead of only the yolk, to me at least I think so remain more elastic sheet. Good luck next time.

Aliana, thanks! This trick I know, but once savagely his eyes burned by steam and now I am afraid. I think 10 minutes less baking, will be in October :)

to soften the crust, by subtracting cover with plenty of wet paper baking-squeezed and top ... thick cloth or spray and cover! RALLY, your technique is very good for the application and baking baguettes become cartilage crust and soft inside ...

Yes, Vesi, it is. I'll tell my mother, God rest her soul, how refreshed dried pasta. Bread, cake, cheese cake or pastry is wrapped in wrapping paper, at least two storeys. Heat the oven to the highest degree. Wrapped baked get wet under a stream of water, paper wet, and put in the oven for about 5 minutes. Whatever it is, becomes like freshly baked. Naturally, as is thicker roast, as a loaf of bread, the more Ply paper is needed and the longer it is held in the oven. Not bad, if the outer layer paper browned - inside patties become like just baked. Altenativno can use newspaper, but then I put kitchen paper first, I was afraid of ink;) Tested and it is continuously applied here odeve exactly how *refreshed* one Csaba :)

Very tasty cake has more to do. And with the glass of water is a good idea.

Very nice cake! Bakery masses, and I I shaped, added just cheese ..I held her by the female party and congratulated me. And I thank Lydia. Upload a photo.

cake was very nice! Congratulations for the great recipe :) Upload and photos.

pepi8707, looks great! In what diameter baking pan won her? :)

Golden Hands have girls! I am very happy that my humble recipe you like and now present on your table.
Enjoy your meal and be healthy!

Little fluffy cake was our birthday cake.

Very tasty cake did it with milk. Thanks for the recipe.

Lirinka, sorry, that answer later, I saw just now :) Roasted into a pan with a drop-down bed with a diameter of 24 cm. :) Glad you like it :)

Delicious recipe! Always gets fluffy and fragrant. Bravo.

lovely cake! We are very happy :)

Since when waiting in line, I do not remember! :) Today straight double dose people hungry. Like it is. Appearance does not brought a hurry, but will upload photos! ;)

Great recipe, I made it with fresh milk in the same form with a drop-down bed as pepi8707, only not so beautiful as yours, girls :)

Great recipe regularly do. Becomes exactly the same kind of :) Super delicious, thank you very much!

her again omesih with milk and water 1: 1, 1 egg, added 1. L. Vinegar, spread with butter and sprinkled with sesame. I will report the outcome :)

Very tasty obtained. Me I like more of an egg, has a meat flavor. Next time I will try and cheese:) I will get pictures.

Bread for health! Virgin Mary keep and protect all people! Happy Holidays!

Reni, happy holiday to you! Bread is uniquely beautiful, congratulations!

Villas, thank you from the heart! Glad you liked it.

I make it in several times, just following the instructions. Each time the result is excellent. Thanks for the recipe.