Cups with cream - II type

Submitted by enr on 04 Mar 2009
2 eggs
1 cup sugar
1 cup yogurt
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 cup sunflower oil
700 g flour
chocolate sprinkles for decoration
# For the cream:
1 liter milk
1 cup sugar
3 eggs
3 tbsp flour
1 vanilla
75 g butter
Cups with cream - II type
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Of these products is kneaded soft but not sticky dough. Of tinfoil from yogurt or aluminum foil make cones. Roll out the dough to a thickness of 0.5 cm and 2 cm in width. Around each cone is rolled dough strip. Bake in oven Hot-180 C to pinking. After firing while still hot is removed cone (easier). In a saucepan pour almost all the milk and sugar. Boil until sugar is melted. Eggs, flour and milk the rest is broken down well in a thin stream is added to the boiling milk. Stir constantly and when it thickens, simmer for about a minute and remove from heat. To the hot cream and vanilla add the butter, stirring again to its melting. Cones are filled with the finished cream. Top can sprinkle chocolate sprinkles. If you stay overnight cones soften.
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04 Mar 2009


Great recipe and a treat for the kids! Bravo!

It is. Barely managed to photograph them because children immediately attacked them. :) I upload photos :)

will probably look pretty tasty.

Mmmm are great. Very tasty guess. In favorites. Only I do not have cones. But I'll think of something.

Desi, we eat a lot of us in yogurt. I'm from there they gathered.

And I have no cones:-(and today several times watching them. I will collect and caps, no way:-)

Come on funiykiteee :) Super are. This cap is a great idea. Bravo Fanny :)

Bravo Fanny straight cones are fantastic, well done, extremely tasty look! :)

Many are delicious, this is an old trusted recipe! Bravo!

Thank you all :)

Cups metal sold in almost every shop for household and are not expensive. Try the recipe and you will not regret. Just do not wrap the strips of dough until the end of the cones to not receive large funnels.

Today I did cones! Were superb and done in no time. Thanks for the recipe.

I did of his household foil packaging in which a piece of square / those who pluck one by one and are sticky on one side /. Little toy, but can be used repeatedly. We do not eat as much yogurt and me is hard to gather that amount of caps.

I love them, but I have not eaten any for years. You'll have to try! Thanks for the recipe and photos! Great temptation to offer us :) :) :)

Milena, and I did not last time! :) Glad you like.

cones you, oh how to love them :)

Bravo! Wonderful sweet!

great recipe. must try

fatme, no regrets :)

These cones are my favorites! My grandmother made them regularly! And how many cones out of dough

I'm glad you liked :)

bravo for the great recipe!

My grandmother makes such!

Bravo for the recipe!

recipe is perfect, became the first time and it very well.

radost75, very happy :)

I did last night fantasichni are

These cones, I tried a small 15 years ago. and more, just when we were somewhere on the occasion of the guests I've always liked, and look like those I impress as a species. Put in favorite and make them binding on my family.

photo of Annie is great.

And how many cones are products of this amount?

rules I have many years ago and now again reminded them. I adored them. thank

Radostina in me always come out different. Depends on the elasticity of the dough. When winding around baking pans stretch strips and each time the number is different. Last year I made graduation party for my daughter. Peko 2-3 times cones to get RBEP all guests. Then boiled cream in triple dose and filled them. The trouble is that very quickly cum! :)

Thank you very much. Yes this is a problem for my husband, who loves them :)

Great taste! And does anyone know where the cone shapes sell?

I've never seen selling shapes of cones. From childhood we used them in houses of aluminum foil lids for yogurt. Best done by cap jars Omnia. Easier to wash and then be kept clean and smooth. NOT complex have been made.

Nelly, thanks for the reply! I'll try to do funnel caps.

On the pictures look absolutely great, I try them, even as a beginner cook a little afraid of the result! As they do, I'll write!

Do not worry! Nobody is born scientific! Make plenty of cream filling. Good luck!

are great

I really want to try them and often watch her recipe lately, but I think that half a centimeter thick sheet is much unless when winding around the forms do not stretch the tape itself. Please let more experienced opinion to say!

Just to add that taking into account the dough is rising agent and supposedly will increase the volume of baking.

buci, that the thickness of the cones is not a problem of cream they soften. That's their charm. And another - can, if you want to make the cream more rare and will still receive just the easier it will be filled. Do not think the thickness.

And to add that it is good baking pans are wider.

Nellie, thank you for the answer! Will dare to soon. For a long time I have not tried home and Commercial Premium them are very good.

Hmm ... looks very nice, soon to try them!

Hello! Here are my cone!
Thanks for the recipe :)

In my childhood, my mom made them very often, but now I do not remember how long I have not eaten cones - perhaps for years / And this recipe January add to the list of recipes that we have not home very very long time. Otherwise cones are extremely delicious;) and the recipe is superb :)

Bravo for the recipe! Flour as much as they should. I did a double dose.I put 3 ammonium salts, which *put out* in yogurt instead of baking soda. Will fill in cones - later. Upload photos of cones. And unfilled are very tasty :)

I'm going to try to do, I'll write about the results and, if you will get a good picture.

They got me wonder for the first attempt was successful. Cones were done with the film, but I can do some other material to have them constantly and do them often ... If someone finds or knows where can I buy shapes I would be very grateful ... Bravo for the recipe ...