Batter - II type

Submitted by enr on 31 Oct 2007
3 eggs
2 cup milk
1 tea cup sifted flour
1 pinch salt
Batter - II type
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Beat eggs, add milk, flour and salt. Mix the dough and ladle pour in hot pan with very little sunflower oil to bake pancakes. When finished turns to bake the other side and garnish to taste and desire.
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31 Oct 2007


Bravo! Very tasty is received!

Very delicious is received. I did a double dose. The only thing that bothered me was that I saw the mixture rarer than other recipes I've tried.

They are very tasty, but I added and vanilla.

flower, sashto I thought it was a rare mixture when they gave me this recipe, but it turned out that it was the most successful of all recipe where I tried them.

To be honest home my husband is a master of the pancakes. Makes them incredibly delicious.

Classics in pancakes.

made them a Teflon pan without oil. Pancakes were wonderful!

My recipe is the same, really good. When I do not have milk, put 1 1/2 cups Arise same water.

at -Easy and delicious recipe that I've done ... is super

from start to become perfect. Bravo!

P. with no longer know which way do them :)

I am glad that ji like. Really are very tasty.

Bravo! It quickly becomes dough and delicious, just that I made them with soft orange, since I had no milk, I ate ... The delicious meals!

Yeah, you really get a lot of easy and delicious!

but I made them and were perfect ... very tasty and I were again today to do :) ... thanks for the recipe and you tasty

And I do them well. Become very soft and delicious.

So many good comments, I start them immediately.

Very delicious pancakes! Especially early morning sybota made by a loved one :)

I just made them and were great ... :) I added vanilla and a pinch of sugar. Thanks for the recipe!

A good pancakes I had not done before. Bravo!

Very fast and delicious. Bravo

little distrust them poynah but became incredibly delicious. Thanks for the recipe.

Very delicious pancakes. Curl them with Cheese.

become a unique taste! Bravo for the recipe!

I am glad that you harvsa. Good appetite.

how many pancakes out roughly?

It all depends on the size of the pan and the thickness of the pancakes.

yes, thank took me ten, but why I felt the mixture as a foam and to you so you get the pancakes were delicious, but holes :) I kept everything strictly

Usually it is saprugami craftsmen of pancakes in our house and are always amazing. Something clarify what he always does after stirring the mixture to remove the foam before it begins to fry. Probvai can get. Good luck.

are just amazing. Drive me home to do them every Sunday

pancakes were neverochtni!

I do them several times, but add a cup and a half of flour. Really become very good :)

it already straight edge for the hundredth time and are very tasty :)

The most delicious pancakes !! :)

very easy recipe. I am a beginner in the kitchen and tested recipes from all this is the only one I received. Upload a photo

I tried them and are great :)

can be made with 1h. cup milk and 1 / 2h. glass of water. I also add a pinch of salt, 1 pm. Lie to. sugar and flavoring - vanilla or rum. Furthermore, add the oil and inside - livvam the bottle for each of the 12 TPFs pancakes eye and stir the mixture until uniform - so bake more quickly, no time is wasted each have to put in the pan mazninka :) Good mixture poprestoi to 10 of - 15min., because thickens slightly / while before its launch for a coffee :) rebound and, if necessary, to porazredite with milk or water. And if you do suhichki, and oil can be topped up / less / at any time.

I am fascinated by this recipe !!I was skeptical at first, because the mixture I saw a row and I confess that I put half a cup of flour !! However, the pancakes were very fast and very tasty !!So, the recipe immediately goes to Favorites *;)

I am also pleased with the dough. I made a half dose and low- and became again for us, and I do pancakes with chicken for lunch. Other road- double dose :) Thanks for the recipe.

Well, I did a double dose today. Became very mekichki and delicious. This amount only took me about an hour and a half preparing the mixture. I forgot to put a pinch of salt, but again became. Only in this recipe prepare them already :)

Oh, yes, and put oil in the mixture and bake in a Teflon pan for pancakes :)

And I decided to make pancakes even went and bought a special pan for pancakes, Teflon became very tasty and easy to prepare thanks for the recipe

I do them for a few days every day. Children like them very much. Thanks for the recipe.

They become wonderful pancakes!

I also tried them and got amazing pancakes! I until now I tried many recipes, but never have I become so successful. Thanks for the recipe!

delicious, quick and easy pancakes. great recipe.

The pancakes were great! :) I forgot to put a pinch of salt, but I added 1 vanilla. jufa, thanks! :)

Many were delicious, loved them all!