Cake Oreo

Submitted by enr on 28 Jul 2010
# For the base:
350 g Oreo biscuits (crushed in a blender)
100 g melted butter
# For the filling:
800 g cream cheese (room temperature)
4 eggs (beaten)
175 g sugar
200 g whipped cream confectionery
350 g Oreo biscuits (crushed)
400 g sour cream
2 tbsp sugar
# spreads:
4 tbsp sour cream
chocolate chips
Cake Oreo
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The oven is heated to 190 C ( 375 F). Mix the biscuit crumbs with the butter and pressed strongly in unfasten shape cake (36 cm). Mix cream the feta cheese, add sugar, eggs, one at a time, and mix with the broken pastry cream. Pour half of it over the biscuit base, sprinkle with broken biscuits and pressed. Pour the rest of the cream and again pressed. Bake 25 minutes at an average BBQ, subtracted. The oven is increased to 240 C, while being stirred with the sour cream and sugar is spread on top. He is back for 5 minutes (when the oven increased their degrees). Remove and after it has cooled down, smeared with 4 tbsp sour cream and sprinkle with chocolate chips (large) and decorate with whole cookies.
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28 Jul 2010


I like. Save to Favorites. And what is the role of the last plate? If can not miss?

I think bake for 5 minutes to settle and to weld ... but the recipe tolerate any improvisation .... if the biscuit base removed the white cream biscuits, butter increases can be reduced quantities for a small cake ,, ,, :) add flavors :)

Leleeee, Oreo biscuits! I have not thought about them many, many times! This cake will be made, 100%! My people will have devoured in no time, foretell it:-)

goes to Favorites, Jae try

Very tasty.

wishes for interesting and shows that vksno

must be very stupid my question, but how is pressed ...?

As tohite mixed with oil to give a slurry, as a thick oil dough. It is spread in the pan and press down to flatten. From the photos it appears that it is not raised on the walls, and only covers the bottom. You press down your fingers, knuckle, with the bottom of a cup or what I thought appropriate. Importantly the resulting layer is equally thick everywhere. Good luck:-)

Thanks to the rapid response Aliana, will try to do it, may become successful ...

cake was amazingly delicious. I lowered the dose in half. And inadvertently instead buy pastry cream I took cooking. So I substituted in a recipe with sour cream confectionery (so I). Top topping, after 5 minute browning becomes as soft glaze. It took me about 45 minutes of cooking and baking. Thank you, BRIDA - recipe is amazing. Put pictures.

Anticipate me, snow! Looks great!

Yes, thank you. Well formed the pieces without shred. Became a little more thin than I expected, but I guess it is the replacement of one species with another cream.

bravo ... great shots ...

Girls, I strongly recommend the cake! Is incredible! And I reduce the dose by half, and as a true gabrovka :) bases used biscuits *Homeland* with cocoa and not *Oreo.* BRIDA, thanks for the recipe (I wonder how I missed such delicious) :)

Mmmm ... that looks delicious :) :) :)! BRAVO, Reni! :)

Put to favorites! Rennie again seduce me :)

Nelly, Pepi, thanks! :) Cake is really great!

cake is a great tasting, thanks for the recipe. And I like you, I reduced the dose in half and Paiute 23 cm in shape. Rennie, great photos, look very appetizing

Thank you, gold :) And your cake looks great :)

And we, in turn, could not help but dessert for tomorrow's celebration is prezpoloven ... :) Very much like us!

Hello. Yesterday I did it for the birthday of my son and tried it today, is a great and very light taste. Thanks for this yummy. Good Day to all!

I want to make a cake next week for a birthday party, but I have a question. Oreo biscuits are quite tvardi- whether softened in cream or remain solid and hruptyat? I plan to do a half dose in 24 cm. Shape.

No, do not stay hard and crunchy. Iliana, the cake is great, do it, you will not regret it :)

Last question before tomorrow when I do :) I do it in the form of 24 cm., But perhaps 28 would be a well-I want to be sure that I have enough board. So if I put eg. 200 g. Biscuits at base, 500 grams. Cream cheese, 200 grams. Pastry cream and about 300 g. Of sour (the measures are little more than half dose), will I have to put 2 and 3 instead of eggs?

Iliana, I have prepared the cake with almost the same weights that you mention. I used a 28-cm form and dessert I was about two fingers high (in memory) my advice is to put 3 eggs (medium) :). As written and Reni: the cake is great!

Takaaa, the cake is the fact finally :) I used weights mentioned below, to put on two types of white crackers + a little cocoa powder, 3 eggs and my form is 28 cm. Commonly used cream cheese (with salt), so I added more sugar. Little popritesnih when, after 25 minutes. Bake the cream I was moving and was viscous, and staining and sour cream do not get much better, but when cold and stiffened his normally. Is really vkusen- I love these cream creamy desserts and this quite liked. Thanks for retseptichkata and answers to my questions annoying :)