Potato salad my mother

Submitted by enr on 21 Oct 2008
1 kg potatoes
2 red onion
1 cup cold water
1 full tbsp sugar
1 tsp salt
3 tbsp olive oil or sunflower oil
Potato salad my mother
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Well washed unpeeled potatoes are cooked. Peel hot. After poizstinat, cut into circles. Sprinkle with chopped crescents and rub with salt onion. In water, dissolve sugar and salt. Add vinegar gradually until a pleasant sweet-sour taste. Pour the salad and stir gently. Serve to Паниран pork schnitzel .
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21 Oct 2008


Do not you dissolve sugar and salt in olive oil, not in the water?

For the first time I hear to put water and the whole glass you put in your salad.

Potatoes absorb water, I guess so they are more juicy.

sugar and salt dissolve in water because if you put vinegar in advance, very difficult to dissolve. Once you get the taste that our most pleasant / someone prefers salty or sour, or sweet / sprinkle with olive oil / oil /. All glass with a solution put in the salad. Perhaps because we are accustomed to this salad, even as the remainder of the sauce, melting him with a piece of bread. Just a matter of taste. Hope you like it, if you choose to make it.

While baked cake put to boil potatoes and I made this salad. I loved it! Now I remembered that my cousin put honey rather than sugar and a little mustard - becomes a bit more spicy.

Reni, I'm glad you liked the salad. Honey and mustard - I do not know. I wrote it so, as it is we do. Naturally, anyone can add or take away. Matter of taste. Now you will get a picture to the recipe.

Very tasty salad became this sauce! Thanks for the recipe!

This salad prefer it with leek and seasoning put parsley or celery leaves.

tonight made it very well get

Zlatina, thanks for the good score and I'm glad that you liked the salad.

This is potato salad and my mother! Classic! So simple, easy and delicious! Proof that in different parts of the country tastes prilichat- :)

There is only one difference - I flavor the salad while the potatoes are still warm in order to absorb more of the sauce.

And this new year does not pass without potato salad :)

made her by the side dish of cutlets who priporachala. But without sugar. I have very bad memories from a Chinese recipe I did here because of the sugar and to which it is spared. Otherwise salad is great!

Snow, sugar kills the acidic flavor of the vinegar. But this is a matter of taste. If you do not like sweet and sour, do it as you like :) Thanks for the photo that you add -chudesna is! :)

salad is wonderful! Thank you!

Hristinka, I'm glad that you made the salad and especially - that you liked! :)

before yet does not bring this salad, and so I love it. But this recipe became great, thanks!

parshevica, it is my pleasure that I have helped with the recipe! :)

salad is super, I put fresh onion and parsley!

Katia becomes and onions. I am glad that you took advantage of the recipe! :)

I like to do experiments, I opened a jar of pickled kryastyavichki so instead used the juice of pickles, it was great.

Katya, and I love the experiments so gladly accept your proposal! :)