Crispy Baked zucchini

Submitted by enr on 19 Aug 2011
100 ml sunflower oil
egg 1
2 zucchini
1/2 bouillon cube
ready breaded with sesame breading or another of your choice
Crispy Baked zucchini
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Courgettes cut into circles, not very thin, approximately 1 cm. Egg mix with the oil, add the crumbled stock cube and pepper. Courgettes are immersed in the mixture and rolled in breading. Arrange on baking paper on a tray and bake at 200 ° C until golden. Consumed immediately after they are issued with milk sauce optional.
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19 Aug 2011


This ready breaded with sesame buy or do?

I buy universal breading with sesame from Carrefour, because I really like this particular type. But can be done with breading choice. One known makes breading breadcrumbs and sesame, another with ground sticks, mashed potatoes and sesame third with corn flour at all that as you like breading. :) Courgettes are crispy outside and juicy inside and mekichki. My husband is not a fan of zucchini and eat them only if they are fried, so I resorted to this option, liked him more than fried breaded and requested further.

Thank you, will definitely try :)

Nelly, very tasty zucchini became :) I did it with two types of batter - first / reddish / I bought it, but it was not enough for all the zucchini. Second'd got her alone. And both get a crispy crust and great taste.

It sounds very easy and tasty :) must be done to try;)

recipe is great, but I made them in a pan. After breading them again dipped in egg and then in the pan with heated oil. They are great!

Girls, I am very glad that you liked the recipe. I looked for a way to please yourself and / do not eat fried / and my husband, who loves them just fried. It was. Makaweli, very tasty snimchitsa. What brand is this reddish breading? I like how it looks.

Nelly and we prefer baking before frying. Therefore, the recipe I liked :) I used fixe Maggie Little Secrets - Crispy Chicken nuggets pikantina. The spice was combined with BBQ sauce, but I have modified - 1 tablespoon mayonnaise, 5 tablespoons yogurt mixture to the sauce. Not added ketchup as read - then he wanted to add.

Thank you for the information. I just bought this Saturday obsession with garlic sauce for the first time, I have not yet tried. :)

Nelly, very aesthetic picture! Bravo!

Very delicious were received.

Great became. And most importantly, never greasy.

Wow, awesome zucchini. While Peko and watched them I had the feeling that it will go in the bucket, but better after they tried - mmm - Divine happened.

sorry for the 1st star, but do not know where to raise my rating!

I'm glad you liked the recipe, pol_la. The asterisk in your name is not to evaluate the recipe, it is associated with your rank, now you can look at your profile. :)

made them roll in the mixture, then in breading, again in the mixture and then in crushed cornflakes wholesale by squeezing it nice to not fall. So I like more.

Very tasty and healthy zucchini! Store-bought batter over and need to do it alone, that happens to me for the first time. To my surprise, a home battered courgettes us usladiha more :)

I am very glad that you liked. :) I also recently I make myself different batters.

recipe I liked a lot, I decided to try and ... failure. Courgettes are stuck to the paper. What could scrape was crispy and tasty, but there was no appearance. I do not know where I was wrong.

chochi, since I use baking paper not happened to me something to stick to it, even here the breading is nothing unusual: 0 Other times Have you ever been stuck in this paper, perhaps to change the brand ? What breading used?

chochi, sorry that you were not received, it is very uncomfortable so. Me also nothing I never sticking to baking paper, I use constantly. Once I fell breading several zucchini as removing them, unstuck. Cooking paper is designed to not stick anything on it, and on the bottom of the baking pan. I use a variety of brands, last I bought was different-brown in color, but the result is the same and I did not have problems.

For the first time use paper, but maybe I cut zucchini into thin Reza and therefore be stuck. Does it matter which side used paper?

I do not think it matters which side, is equal on both sides.

I will try again. Tasting them brought'll try and look to become.

A few days ago I made them these zucchini and we like! Were crunchy on the outside and inside mekichki big yummy!

Very tasty and very stuck. Again failure. Tried and dry paper and greased paper and without the same result-stuck

In other words, do you mean that no breading is stuck to the baking paper :) and the breading on the underside is detaching from courgettes when you pick it up from the baking pan. This is obtained with zucchini, which are very moist, speed grown - only with water and a nutrient solution. Try first salted zucchini, squeeze, roll in flour to absorb moisture in advance and then put them in the egg and breading.

This time I made breading breadcrumbs, cornmeal and mix of seeds - became perfectly :)

courgettes were very tasty! I am very pleased that there is no need to fry for hours, and does not absorb as much fat! Great recipe!

I just omethoate a huge baking pan of these amazing zucchini. Received is better than I expected even a single zucchini do not stuck. Thanks for the recipe.