Cream cake with peel

Submitted by enr on 14 Apr 2009
500 g filo pastry sheets (1 package)
150 g margarine
# For the cream:
1 liter milk
3-4 yolks
125 g butter
3 g vanilla
10- 15 tbsp sugar
4 tbsp flour
# For glaze:
3-4 egg whites
7 tbsp sugar
10 drops of lemon juice
20 g chocolate sprinkles
Cream cake with peel
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Pan banitsa cut in the shape of the tray and arrange sheet at a time in thereof. This is done by first greased pan with melted margarine, then put the first sheet and again sprinkle with melted margarine. All this is repeated until the peel. In preheated oven placed sheet to gain toasted appearance. Remove from oven, slightly broken and allowed to cool. Cream prepare the milk is placed on the stove to boil, to which is added vanilla, sugar and the butter. In a separate bowl whisk the egg yolks and flour until a uniform mixture. This mixture is added while stirring the milk, taking care not to become lumpy. Still hot pour over sheet. Allow to rest and during that time prepare the glaze - egg whites are broken foam, along with the sugar and lemon juice. They fight to give a fluffy cream. Then the egg white cream smeared on the peel and cream and put in preheated 200 ° C oven for a short time - only pokafevee and browned a little egg white. Tray eject cream cake cool and finally sprinkle with chocolate or sugar sticks. It can be consumed immediately, but it is delicious after standing for one day.
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14 Apr 2009


I also do such a cream cake ready to sheet, but do not bake ..

I decorate it with caramel, by pouring stream, so as to obtain a lattice

became a great home-all liked it very -Thanks for incredible recipe

Uzhaaasno something tasty. Wrong miracle when losing weight! So far I make it with puff pastry and the end result is the same. Incidentally, the next time you try to do instead of sheet, with homemade noodles.

and homemade noodle joint - sheet remain a little heavier but it is great. I do not bake sэshto finally peels straight broken bake them slightly fat

Very tasty became :)

Before I started arranging sheet, prepare caramel and pour over the bottom of the form with him. Great dessert! :)