Economical donuts

Submitted by enr on 24 Oct 2010
1/3 cup milk
1/3 cup sugar
egg 1
2 tbsp sunflower oil
10 g baking powder
1 vanilla
flour for kneading
sunflower oil for frying
powdered sugar for sprinkling
Economical donuts
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Kneaded medium soft dough is rolled sheet with thickness 0.5 cm and cut into the desired shape. Raw donuts be rested for 20 minutes and fry in a highly heated sunflower oil. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and serve.
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24 Oct 2010


Save to Favorites that I damage Waffle and small wants to do donuts!

They became fluffy and delicious and did not take much oil when frying. Congratulations for the recipe!

are Super! Hey now made them already finished, the next time a double dose.

Today I made them. Were wonderful. The recipe goes to Favorites!

Yes, and I add my praise for this recipe - Small them started more hot, hot! Very tasty, some meadows them with chocolate topping ...

Anego thanks for the recipe donuts were great, the kids were in vastorg.

recipe is unikalnaaa :) And very quickly became :) Donuts disappeared in seconds! Are great! Bravo for the recipe :)

A great recipe! And easy. Only that instead of them sprinkle them with powdered sugar with cream filled profiteroles. Were superb :) Thanks for the recipe! :)

banbina82 how do cream eclairs :)

will try them immediately whether the next day will be more soft and may seem silly, but someone explain to me how you make holes in the middle?

Sibel, excuse me, but why should be soft the next day? Fried products (cakes, buns, donuts) are intended for direct consumption. That residues are kept and not discarded, due to the economy and is a compromise and is not a criterion for the quality of the recipe. A hole can be made in at least two ways: with large glass cut a circle with a small glass cut a hole in the middle of the circle. Or the handle of a wooden stirrer drilling middle and light swivels so that the dough can be rotated like a ring around the handle. This makes it on the table, not in the air;)

hmm you're right dear :) I know zna4i to clarify my daughter tomorrow's going to peak-Nick u4ilishteto and my problem is not eating 4f sandvi4i! and at the moment is 4udeh what to do I came across this recipe and I said why? not if you po4na now until tomorrow whether what happens is how to thank you for the clarification sarde4no and rapid response kisses: b

As poizstinat put them in a plastic bag, if you have those with the holes would be optimal, but a normal envelope you had botsnesh few holes. So hem will be Sparta, yet remain soft. Good luck and greetings :)

Nevena16 on May Rather the principle of improvisation .. I prefer the taste of classic brulee, but milk and cream suits ... Now come to think safe and vanilla pudding Oetker to get :) Hey will try and write how it happened :) As for the holes ... From the rolled out dough cut circles with a cup, and then with a tiny cup made another round in the larger. :)

are great, great breakfast and became even asked very fat when frying them ... do not regret it!

Do not become like those donuts they sell, but were quite tasty;)

Aysel to nah you care! Of homemade better not!

You're right, Nelly :)

is fast and wonderful

I was hoping to have a surprise in the final result after prochechoh retsetata but alas another variety of fritters, general type is good, but the taste buhtichki ..

thanks, quickly, easily and appeal to otherwise capricious my child.