Milk rice zabravanki

Submitted by enr on 22 Dec 2007
250 g rice
250 g sugar
1 liter milk
1 liter of water
2 vanilla
Milk rice zabravanki
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In a large saucepan pour the milk, water and sugar. When it boils pour rice. Boil a medium strong cooker 45 minutes without stirring. Then kotlonat off, put vanilla and when boiling stops spills in the bowls. Sprinkle with cinnamon optional.
Very easy
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22 Dec 2007


It is really very easy recipe and method of preparation, presented by korneliq, but I think that there is something wrong with the weights. According to my information in 1 liter of milk put 200 ml of water and 1 vanilla, not that 2 is not nice but already lost the feeling that eat rice pudding. First put 250 g of rice in 200 ml of boiling water, once polusvaren or taking to absorb water, pour the milk and sugar and dovaryava finally put vanilla, because it as savory prolonged heat treatment starts to taste bitter. Spills in designated containers almost immediately and optionally sprinkle with cinnamon, but when the rice cool. Korneliq, I do not know what pot to be cooked this rice, but 45 minutes to boil milk and rice without messing it seems strange, if you pan *Solingen*.

to me too much liquid can be seen as a whole for this quantity of rice.

No, not confused recipe and I've heard it before, even if I make it.

I do not really confused recipe. I for this so I name it, because you put everything to boil and forget about it for 45 minutes in an open pan. Heat down if it is 4 degrees, put it at 3. Becomes very juicy and well cooked - of course for people who prefer it so. So I reacted when I first told me the recipe, but after I did, now the only way I prepare rice pudding - each time it receives. Can be added and dried fruit (raisins, apricots, figs) or fruit jam ... for luxury!

The recipe is very nice and I received the first time! Because with less spices and rice becomes soft, suitable for small children. 3-4 days before I worked on it on trust to Nelly. Instead I put sugar fructose in the corresponding ratio - as I said, for a small child. Liquid evaporates in cooking - Adjustable timer and voila!

And I joined to praise the author for the recipe. I would like to share my experience and in making rice pudding. From my grandmother and my mother know that the ratio of liquid: rice should be 7: 1 to be soft rice. And since I measure slightly larger cups, think about it as 7 cups liquid (respectively milk and water) is just two liters. I prefer another ratio between milk and water, ie put more than 1 liter of milk, but this is a matter of taste. The recipe is very successful. Rice becomes soft and razvaren, just like cream, but it is a cream, right ... Congratulations for the nice recipe

Today again I did this rice pudding. Except he added oil and finally, in another recipe I read it. With cherries and juice compote -razkosh. This time I put white sugar 120-130 g - we just do not like very sweet. The rice was very good and directly replace dinner:-)

Cornelia, a great recipe you! For years, prepare milk rice in this way, do not even remember the standard recipe.

Many successful recipe, and the name is very appropriate. Congratulations Cornelia!

recipe is great!

Great recipe, I am very pleased received my first time. The proportions are not confused and quite accurate, and as for that 45 minutes. Boil without messing - me get deep skillet *Tefal* but I'm sure that all pans with non-stick coating effect will be same. The liquid is not much, it evaporates gradually.

Wonderful recipe, straight-As I made (the first time I do this dessert) make a great and very tasty. CONGRATULATIONS FOR RECIPE!

To me as a prominent zabravanka recipe I liked a lot :)

I slowed rice 125 g. And after I added cooked rice 3 tsp starch white until thickened milk.

The recipe is very easy, and the result is simply super ...

recipe is great, many friends I've recommended, until now I have always received successfully!

This recipe can be zabravanki, but I'm very big forget: D Rice wallop me an hour! Became more densely, but we also like him :) Thanks for the recipe! Is great!

Super easy and successful recipe! Thanks to korneliq! I prefer it up before all before. Not necessarily be a Teflon pan, I boiled it in a very simple and I do not Zagora, but should milk and water to CA boil.

It was amazing dessert. For the first time I do, and I love to eat. I did not know just what is the ratio of liquid: rice, sugar, but get perfect sweetness and density. Next time you double dose that is received only 7 metal sholichki and we are 5 people :) Thanks for a successful recipe.

I forgot to add that stirring often, because my pan is non-stick bottom.

My pot is not non-stick bottom, but I'm not stirring at all. Although I did more dense, not stuck :)

For the first time I received a wonderful dessert. I've never rules dolkova delicious rice pudding. I am confused I do not stuck, it became very well density. All great! :)

It is a pity that so long overlooked this recipe. Perfect! I did everything exactly the recipe.

Hello, unfortunately only register to write a negative comment for this recipe. 1./ When the sugar has melted before adding the rice tasting - very sweet. If the finished dessert is so sweet, it hardly anyone can eat more than 1-2 tablespoons, not to mention what would happen as put vanilla and cinnamon.
2./ I followed the recipe exactly proportions. Cooked in a Teflon pan Tefal, which use about 2d. and a half and so far nothing I had sunburn in it. Well, there is always a first time - timed by the clock and in 5-10 minutes checking how it is cooked. On 23rd min. All the liquid was boil dry and the rice had started burning of rather cruel. Vary of grade 4 of 6. I do not want to think what would have happened if I had not checked and had left the pan and 20th minutes remaining on the stove ...

1. Naturally, it would be too sweet before putting rice, how else, that will sweeten the whole quantity of rice. 2./ Its proportions respected, but cooked in a pan, not the pot - the open surface of the pan is much greater than that of the pan and is therefore normally liquid to boil off much faster. My advice is to try the recipe again, but the benefits pot :)

sin4ec, as far as the sugar is all a matter of taste! :) 1./ I do not believe this weight of sugar to become a killer sweet. If I got him to the household will put extra sugar.
2./ I think had the heat is not your 4 and 3 or 2. Everything is relative, everyone knows the stove!
5. Perhaps had to use the pot, not a Teflon pan !?
I use this daily and pan for 2 1/2 years, writing circle in the middle red or is it goes to black? These pans are not eternal. I suppose other dishes will start to stick. Try in a saucepan at low heat and I think that will not disappoint. :)

Let me join - reduce fire 2 to 3 degrees 6. And as Nevi told, between pots and pans there is a difference in the area for evaporation in the pan liquid rises faster than it can be absorbed :)

sin4ec, at such positive comments and successfully prepared rice cost you only register to post a negative comment? Apparently, *the damage is in your TV*. Try to pot. My not non-stick coating, but nothing I stuck or Zagora. With maximum 3 I boil 2.

It is good that sin4ec has described exactly what she did, so we can help where is wrong and how to prepare the recipe successfully :)

When boiled rice, whether or dessert dish (unless it is a dish with sauce), stir only at the beginning, when it boils, to mix with sugar or salt, and possibly if there are other spices. Once boiled, no longer STIRRED otherwise tanned boil at low fire until absorb all the liquid. Rice always brew in court, sandwiching with a lid. It is good that is shared sin4ec failures, as Nevi said, because it will share their experiences and help others. The recipe I cooked many times and it is very successful. :) Sin4ec, success in re-making will handle! :)

ordained him today, I confess I was sure it would stick if you do not mix, but I decided to try, and to my surprise I did not stuck, I did it in an ordinary pot! Thanks for the recipe!

Hello, I have prepared the recipe as it is written in weights and it was very tasty and successful, there is no such things as were written by sin4ec, I could not make a picture because I ate.

Many thanks for this great recipe! It was suuuuuper delicious! Nothing stuck anywhere, not Zagora. When my son was small, this was his favorite desert. Hmm, now 33 years old and now, after all this time, it is like eating. Before you focus on exactly this recipe, I gathered a substantial amount of various proposals for rice pudding. I chose this categorically. And I'm not sorry. This is already my recipe, only it will do. Once again - thank you! Greetings from Miami, Florida!

A great recipe! Extremely tasty get and already added to favorite recipes :)

I love rice pudding, but miss the density of milk. With this recipe became perfect. I have 6 servings sweet, fluffy and cooked rice. Now I can not stop to eat:) Thank you!

Thank you for the nice recipe. It was a great rice, easy and delicious!

Great recipe, good-admiration! It was super and as I remember it from your childhood! :)

It was great, but I put strawberry flavor

Hello! From very small like milk with rice. I decided to do, but already 2 times gets very rarely, did not thicken. Exesweet written in the recipe, but ... Is it possible to is rice? It remains somewhat intact, not razvaryava. The store did not have a simple, unfortunately ...

little starch added if rare, so do I, but normally use rice, the other nothing happens ...

Yes, obviously I have to replace rice. Thanks so much for your help! :)