Flat bread Roti (video recipe)

Submitted by enr on 20 Jan 2008
2 cups flour (white or wholemeal)
pinch of salt
flour flattening
Gee or butter spreads
Flat bread Roti (video recipe)
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The flour is mixed with a pinch of salt. Add 1 cup hot water and kneaded soft dough. In kneading can apply a few drops of sunflower oil in the bowl and hands to the dough does not stick, and if the dough is too soft, you can put a little more flour. The dough was allowed to rest for 10-15 minutes. Then divided into 5-6 pieces, which are made with hands on balls. The balls are rolled flat circles with a diameter of about 15 cm and slightly thicker than pancake. For ease of rolling out using flour. So boring breads are baked on both sides in heated skillet on medium heat without fat. Bake initially on one side when they begin to bubble to the surface, turn. When it starts to inflate bread turns again and pressing lightly and turning with a spatula should be evenly distributed air - bread inflates all. The finished bread is removed from the fire, smeared with a little butter or Gee and served hot.
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20 Jan 2008


Awesome !!! I am fascinated by videoretseptata. This is the best way of presenting food. Within just 5 minutes we can see the most important moments of preparation of rolls. Admiration for the invention !!! I'm already tempted and I try. Best regards - Cornelia.

Bravo! Great video. It seems very easy, I try and I :) keep it up, you are very helpful! I hope more detailed recipes with photos and video!

These breads are you for Doner?

There is no problem to become and Doner, but it is good to be warm.

This way received any of the recipes is great. Will surely try with loaves.

Useful idea, especially for those difficulties izpylnenie recipes. I admire.

I like the idea of ​​video retsetpite!

Well done, congratulations, not only for ease of presentation of the recipe, but for the recipe itself. Seems very easy to implement. Will try for sure Congratulations ..

made them. They are so quick and easy, and delicious that you have no idea ... I added pictures, the only thing wrong Mlaka maybe that was the beginning of Paiute them very strong pan, but then it slowed down. I do not know why it did not swell as the video. But became great .. Very tasty. I add video recipe how to eat them at home :)

Bravo for the nice recipe! To favorites is!

Few my exit as pancakes :), but taste like bread ..

Make them with wholemeal flour and here are two tips: 1. The dough can not be too soft, but must be worked a long time (at least 10-15 minute). 2./ Roll it with flour, but it is important before you put in the heated pan to shake nice - otherwise swell well. Marvelous are these breads, quick and easy to prepare and healthy (if with wholemeal flour) and very tasty.

these cakes do them and then turn them as doner when you eat them reheat them in the microwave

Yes there are such recipes are great :)

are very tasty. all of them liked

are Super! Do them already for the fifth sixth time. Dub them with a mixture of butter, dill and garlic are great!

I adore this bread with melted Cheese is an excellent