Fried Cheese rendered

Submitted by enr on 19 Oct 2008
360 g processed cheese
1/3 cup flour
2 eggs
1 cup cornflakes
1 cup sunflower oil
Fried Cheese rendered
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Cheese is placed in a container with cold water. Eggs are broken and crushed cornflakes, until the breadcrumb. Cheese PANIC consistently in flour, eggs and cornflakes. Fry on both sides in hot oil until golden.
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19 Oct 2008


There is no way to not tasty :) Perfect appetizer!

must be very tasty.

Wonderful idea and worth a try.

Instead cornflakes what else can it be used?

can be used in bread crumbs or crushed wholesale biscuit. But it crispy crust with cornflakes.

Thanks for the quick response, will try with breadcrumbs, and if you happen to mashed potatoes powder?

Try it, I have not tried, and then said :)

This is one of my favorite appetizers served with cranberry sauce!

mn.vkusni with blueberry topping and *bed* of oranges .....

are very tasty and constipation in a baking dish in the oven. Quick, clean and useful.

salty-sweet combination sounds interesting :)

A few days ago for the first time I tried and was also served with blueberry jam! :) Weird but delicious! Pope tonight it :)

You and mashed potatoes to make, and it is best blueberry. This is great.

I have not tried in combination with sweet, but better ... never too late to try :)

certainly will not regret it if you try!

I want to ask you melt the cheese in cold water and my other question is what use melted cheese, *President* or?

You can dip them first in cold water to stick better flour, but not required, and the type of cheese I do them with any brand I have always result is excellent!

Thanks for the nice reply! Very nice recipe!

Milencha, thank you for the answer! The brand does not matter, it's nice to be wet as I wrote and Milencha also need breading will stick better when wet :) Chrissy, and thank you!

to ask is it not necessary to sit in the chamber before frying to prevent bleeding?

can, although this battered I do not shows bleeding. It is important that the fat is well preheated :)

Great is received!

Very delicious were those processed Cheese ... nice recipe for which I thank ...

I came across a recipe by a friend Snezana dnaeh and not having it here so the photo I wrote her name I want to apologize to magi71 ..The recipe is unique, Cheese are crunchy on the outside and inside mekichki. Parzhih them at low heat so as not to burn cornflakes (I have bitter experience with this batter and very hot oil). Bravo Maggie for the wonderful recipe. With the same batter panicked and cheese and cheese-usually become great.

I had a problem with cornflakes, why not adhere, it was some mess, horror, obviously I do not do it properly. :(

mamcheto61, no problem, it is important that you liked the cheese :)anetatoshkova, the cheese must be cold, so keep them in a bowl with cold water before breading. Then rolled in flour, dip in egg - get wet well. Can I pressed them gently in konfleyksa while stick well. Try again, it is worth :)

I put the cheese in the freezer for 15-20 minutes to tight and then batter them as written in the recipe.

Maybe I wrote exactly where my problem:) Himself flakes do not stick because of the eggs is done by a mess (I have no mill, crushed it with kaltsanika garlic. Whether you will get breadcrumbs, corn of flour and sesame

Yes, breadcrumbs will happen - thus only breadcrumbs, breaded crab rolls :)

I mess with them breaded try if you want, flour, eggs, beer and lovage :)