Home 3-room cottage cheese

Submitted by enr on 27 Apr 2009
250 ml milk
2 liters of milk
5 tbsp fat milk (whey, buttermilk)
# Necessary utensils:
small saucepan
large pan with ice and water
cloth or cheesecloth cloth or cheese cloth
colander (strainer for pasta)
cooking thermometer
1st day - evening: 250 ml milk is heated to 70-73 C (158-163 F). The temperature is held for 30-40 seconds, then immediately down to 24-28 C (75-82 F), as the pot is immersed in water with ice. Add 5 tbsp fat milk (buttermilk), stir and put in a box with a lid. Allow to stand for 16 hours at room temperature. second day - in the morning: 2 liters of fresh milk is heated as described above and allowed to cool themselves without ice water. 125 ml the prepared yeast pour in the cooled milk (and possibly the entire amount, the cottage cheese will be thick) and mix well. Allow to stand for 24 hours at room temperature. third day - morning: colander is stood with cheesecloth or cheese cloth, put it in a large saucepan. Curdled mixture is poured into the filter, the cloth is tied and left for about 8-10 hours in refrigerator (maybe more). The longer drain, the harder is the cottage cheese. Whey is disposed of periodically (and who wishes can collect it and to use it). It turns 1 kg cottage cheese, lasting one week in the refrigerator. Work - 15 minutes. Total cooking time - 3 days.
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27 Apr 2009