Chicken livers with mushrooms and chutney

Submitted by enr on 13 Jun 2009
500 g chicken livers
4 onions
200 g chutney
300 g mushrooms
1 tbsp paprika, black pepper, savory, salt, a pinch of thyme
a few drops of soy sauce
Chicken livers with mushrooms and chutney
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Put in preheated fat cleaned and washed chicken livers. Reduce the power of fire because there is a danger livers begin to spray. By pozaparzhat little add chopped mushrooms and spices. When they put almost ready and cut into strips and onion chutney. Let fire another 4-5 minutes and then the dish is ready.
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13 Jun 2009


Bravo for easy recipe!

I love liver, and so will try. I'm sure it will be delicious :)

Maybe if you zapechem will become too delicious? But so will try them!

Bravo, super fast and easy!

Super! They will be prepared as soon as possible! Thank you, enter into favorite :)

They look very tasty, will try them must!

first screen I have this dish in the restaurant where I work. but added a little chicken hearts and gizzards. can optionally after being put on the plate to the top a little grated cheese. it amazing!

I add a little broth and garlic powder. Becomes very tasty. And upload photos.

And we like. Bravo!

I'm glad you liked the recipe.

Tonight I made them. Became very juicy recipe is great! Added by yourself some wine after I put mushrooms. Them served in dishes them sprinkled with grated cheese. Comment my husband was: *Especially with red wine are great!* Bravo for the recipe! Moreover cook and very easy, almost between drugoto- :)

we like livers. The recipe is really excellent.

Tasty and fast meal :) Congratulations!

perfect recipe! Congratulations :)

Tonight did it with small changes - like thawed package that thought for livers proved that there are only a few livers, gizzards and the rest are - we boiled them and then they zaparzhih with livers, it was still very tasty. Added his two pickles Finally, rather than put spices and fresh parsley, smells wonderful! Once again thank you for the recipe.

Thank you for the great recipe! Fast, easy, delicious :)

Super, became a great meal. Did dose and a half, but did not increase chutney. Rarely buy livers, because for some reason I did not become delicious. Now - yes. Bravo!

were very tasty :)