Cookie roll

Submitted by enr on 03 Dec 2008
1 package (150-200 g) round cookies, and crackers can Breakfast
hip jam
125 g butter
5 tbsp caster sugar
1/3 cup milk
1 cup walnuts
Cookie roll
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The biscuits melt in milk briefly Spread jam and stick to one another. The butter is izmesva with powdered sugar and roll the biscuit is coated with the mixture. Spread sheet household foil the size of the roll along and he shall be allocated in advance crushed walnuts. Roll is placed on the walnuts and add some nice so evenly from all sides be covered with walnuts, are in turn fthe oil and removable chamber or freezer for 2-3 hours, then refrigerate. When removed from the refrigerator is cut diagonally.
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03 Dec 2008


Very nice option!

Looks delicious.

Thank you, roll and is very easy and delicious dessert.

Well done, looks very tasty and mostly easy to prepare!

I scramble marmalade (maybe not hip) with margarine. With the rest of the mixture paint adhesion and biscuits.

My favorite roll! Bravo!

will try Desi :) Be safe!

Desi, I remember in my childhood that I did and was very tasty. I wanted to do it again. thank you. Then there were biscuits *Ruen*.

Fast and very tasty - a superb recipe. Such roll've done a long time ago and now returned godiiiini back:-) I used raspberry jam. Smashed nice (as far as possible) jam and butter together. With this mixture blind biscuits. Roll covered with this mixture and roll in crushed biscuits and nuts.

roll It really is great ... I did it when I was 11-12 years old:-) / not fooling /. And, Vera21 straight - with old-fashioned biscuits Rouen was great!

very tasty cake that reminds me of some sweets in the form of almonds, which I did with a special spoon of crackers, nuts and delight. I lost the recipe, and if someone has it, let's share it.

This is a very delicious recipe of one time. Thank you recalled it to me!

And me back my childhood in this recipe. They always do with biscuits hole because hold more jam :) My favorite roll is all of us.

I do not understand after namazhem biscuits with jam, how queue-3 in the order you one over the other?

biscuits lining one above the other or one another - as you more comfortable.

Maginot and piecing -stava still nice of you bellow or above :)

Quick, easy and delicious recipe with which we remember the old taste of simple but very nice dessert. Ideal for situations where we do not do complicated pastries and cakes, but we want to eat something sweet, other than purchased sweets.

Great dessert, quick and delicious. I made two rolls, the first jam and put more directly covered it with crushed walnuts, meanwhile anointed with oil mixture and covered with colored sticks. Became very *fun* and will put snimchitsi. The idea of ​​lu4a used biscuits with a hole for more jam :).

Kpasivi photos, zllate! :)

Thank Senjak :) Cake is simple but so delicious that deserved to be served properly.

Very beautiful.

Wonderful recipe!

Fast and very tasty roll! :)