Minced meat with rice, spinach and cream

Submitted by enr on 19 Jan 2013
1 kg minced meat
1 kg spinach
200-250 g rice
400 g ready tomato sauce - Napoli, Arabs and others.
350 ml cream
1 onion
2 tbsp dry broth
optional hot pepper or cayenne pepper
sunflower oil
1.5 liter hot water
feta cheese Parmesan
Minced meat with rice, spinach and cream
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Chop finely. Spinach is washed, chopped on in small piecesers and pureed with cream. Fry the onions in a little oil, add the minced meat, fry until is crumbs and put the rice. Stir a few minutes and add tomato sauce and water. Season broth, chopped chilli and pepper. The dish is seasoned so that it is quite savory and seasoned with what you like. Boil softly to boil rice, taking care not to burn. Add spinach, allow to boil for about a minute and remove from fire. Served after about 10 minutes with grated parmesan or other feta cheese. * The rice can be replaced with bulgur, then clashes especially with parmesan. * The amounts are estimates even put a little more or less of a product, dumb important. * The sauce and spinach can be prepared store-bought - the sauce from the jar and frozen chopped spinach finished with cream. I used the homemade sauce and frozen spinach that pureed with cream.
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19 Jan 2013


It sounds very appetizing, imagine it and baked in the oven and top dressing! Put to favorites! :)

I like the combination. Soon we will do it for my girl who loves spinach.

Thank you for the nice words, girls :) Note the quantities - A pot filled to the brim of 5, 5 liters. Less people decreased quantities :) iris, probably really is delicious with topping, thanks for the idea! What do you think would suit topping? As for moussaka?

Just me realized Rally topping for moussaka. However, that which is prepared with a particular egg, to afford a fluffy, not compacted!

We'll try it soon. In LIDL has Zammar spinach with cream :)

Ljube if you use ready-frozen cream, go about 3 Package 450, the Put them as ready rice directly frozen, they are thawed in boiling dish. As melt entirely, download it from the heat. Will wait for feedback, girls :)

sounds very tasty, I'll try. Just one question liquid cream or sour you?

Liquid is. I hope you like it :) Bon appetite :)

Thank you very much going to try a must.

I made the recipe and the only comment I can give is luxury! At the last moment it turned out that the liquid cream in the store to us is over and since I did not went to look for another place I used sour cream that I put off and on after eating. Probably so I changed a lot of flavor to the recipe, but I like - slightly hinted kiseleeshto and melting in the mouth.

Milenka, very glad, my dear, that dish your fancy! :) Did her small? This sour cream sounds very good, you should try and I! You put some cheese? I wonder whether it fits with sour cream :)

Rally, my child loves spinach. I've done it with poached eggs or chicken, as with minced meat and rice more like it. Naturally because it missed the chilli, but my portion I added extra. Given that it is quite capricious meal, this is a great compliment. I think sour cream is appropriate in this case because of the tomato sauce is prepared as I already wrote a very interesting and pleasant slightly kiseleesht taste. Shredded cheese on top, fit perfectly with the cream.

Yeah, spinach with potatoes fried and poached eggs is classic! My son, it was small, very fond of this combination, but spinach tryabvasha is the sheet that would not look at him :)! Thanks for the ideas recipe Milenka! Perhaps could share how you cook chicken with spinach?

Rally, chicken with spinach do on this recipe - Пилешки bon fillet on a bed of spinach . If you decide to try write if you like it.

:) Thanks Milenka! Sounds pretty tasty!

Very tasty get tonight in January prepared with rice and bulgur (50:50). Congratulations very successful recipe.

Dimi, thanks for the compliment :) Glad you was delicious!

Many, many thanks for the recipe. It was a big yummy! :) When I became a bit more densely than in the photos. I reduced the quantities of all products, but obviously something I'm confused proportions. This, however, does not poprchi to get something incredibly delicious! Will surely prepare frequently.

Alice, thank you! I am glad that the recipe is considered so good! No matter more densely or less, it is important dish to your liking! :)

I did it with frozen spinach with cream - an excellent result! Thank Rally!

Lubbe, I am pleased that you have been a delicious dish, honey :)

Today I did it with frozen spinach with cream. I put 3 package 400 d + 200 g sour cream. I did not notice any difference when compared with spinach fresh, except frozen is more finely ground. Sour cream makes it really lightly kiseleesht, but very tasty! Thank you for your ideas :)