Layered cake with chocolate fudge

Submitted by enr on 02 Apr 2012
# For the bases:
120 g of dark chocolate
240 ml boiling water
30 g of unsweetened cocoa powder
400 g of white sugar crystals
295 g sifted flour
225 g soft butter
240 ml milk
pinch of salt
1 tsp baking soda
2 tsp baking powder
3 eggs
# For Fudge:
250 g butter
250 g of dark chocolate
4 tbsp milk
60 g brown sugar
Layered cake with chocolate fudge
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We prepare the bases. In a fireproof container crush chocolate, cocoa and pour boiling water. Stir until a liquid and homogeneous mixture. Leave aside to cool a. In a bowl, mix the dry ingredients without sugar. In a separate bowl, beat soft butter with sugar until fluffy cream. Add the eggs one by one. Pour the oil mixture and already prepared chocolate syrup. Mix with mixer as much as two components to mix well. Then add the flour and milk, alternating them 3 and 2 times. Beginning and ending with flour. Stirring with a spatula. The dough is ready. Divide the mixture into 3 parts. Bake at 175S to stand in shape (22-24 cm diameter), covered with baking paper. Check with a toothpick. Once the bases are ready let them cool and ready Fudge. In tendfzherka melted the butter, add the chocolate, sugar and milk. Stir until they melt. Allow the cream to cool. For the assembly of the cake it must be slightly heated in order to fuse the bases better. Apply nice ducks with cream. * Optional you can plaster the whole cake with cream. * You can arrange banana slices between the bases.
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02 Apr 2012


Very interesting proposal chocolate.

And what is d on the baking? Looks to me like the d-23/24.

And I like my recipe. Image between the latter must have and cream, right?

Yes, and cream, but this, of course, depends on you. :) I do not understand very much on the size of the baking. Round is just as big plate, which is served cake. If this somehow helps ... :) Glad you like it.

In the picture with white chocolate fudge you say? Please write the exact size of the pan.

I'm out of town and can not measure the baking pan. Fudge is just imaged the latter must, white chocolate is Ghana, which glazed cake. I'm not following how many grams of m white chocolate cream and put it in, so I did not record in the recipe.

Crisp me slightly conex. Its widest part is 24 cm.