Milky white bread (Franskbroed med maelk)

Submitted by enr on 12 Apr 2010
50 g of margarine or butter
600 ml p milk
50 g fresh yeast
2 tsp salt
2 tsp sugar
1 kg white flour
egg 1
1 handful of poppy seed
Milky white bread (Franskbroed med maelk)
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Margarine is melted and put in a bowl. Milk is warmed and poured into fat. Put the salt and sugar, crushed yeast and stir until melted. Stir with prefixes spiral mixer and pour the flour, little by little. The resulting dough should be firm. You may need to top up a little milk depends on the flour. Allow to stand for 1 hour in a warm place. dough knead lightly hand, divided into two and form two loaves of bread. Best if you could spread out the dough, then roll up. Placed so that the resulting edge is below. The loaves are placed in greased and lightly sprinkled with flour tray and leave to rise another 20-30 minutes. Coated with beaten egg and sprinkle with plenty of poppy. Then cut several times across. Bake 35 minutes in preheated 220 C oven on the bottom rail. If darken prematurely, bread rolled with foil and doizpichat wrapped.
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12 Apr 2010


It was one of the first bread that OPEC alone. Interestingly, the name means *French bread with milk* and is one of the most famous Danish bread:-))

Hey, just by looking at the picture and imagine the aroma still warm, I like it.

Today I did it again. I had one poppy and sprinkled bread with sunflower seed, sesame. Nelly, for her fragrance rights - still smells throughout the house:-)

What a delicious tortillas!

I did it, instead of loaves of bread. Very successful and delicious recipe, thanks Rally. Instead I used fresh dry yeast, Messi hand (no attachments dough mixer) and sprinkled with salt crystals, due to lack of other appropriate.

I am glad that you were delicious:-) I wonder, how the dry yeast put? '50 Because fresh yeast are little more than 1 kg of dry and put you more?

I put for one kilogram, I felt it even a little more flour is not fatal, and its rise wonderful.

bottom and top oven baked at the same time, right? Bread does not burn you as below is set to the lowest bus? Sorry for the stupid questions, but I'm in the kitchen as in the jungle ...

Lily photo number 9 shows a little of the lower crust - not burned. The oven has upper and lower wire. If they bother reduced by 10 degrees. Furthermore, the crust is thin, like a cake. And a little darker you get is not a problem. Good luck if you try them! :-)

Thank you, will now ventured on Sunday ...

Yesterday I had to bake bread and white flour I did not go. I added whole wheat, the ratio was 750 g and 250 g of white whole wheat flour. Become incredibly delicious bread! Certainly better than the original! I did not have time to embellish, but all agreed that no longer ate so fragrant bread :)

Super as always! Bravo goes to Favorites

Very tasty! I am delighted with the recipe, prepared in the form of sandals stuffed!

I am very glad that you dovona :) sandals resemble mini-pizzas :)

Yes indeed, as cooks spoil. But ... important is the final result! :)

Hey, this was not a remark or criticism was approvingly ...:-)

Sweetheart and I took it so appreciative! No need for an apology! :)

great recipes and beautiful photos, straight to your priyadat much. Now goes to the favorite and will soon be doing.

Rally, its amazing !!! 1

Very tasty bread 20 mini cakes nothing left ... :)

Glad Villas:) This is one of my fail-safe recipes to give always! The pictures are great, your plate is very beautiful, Japanese motifs you have it? I love it! I saw that Anna has put picture, also very tasty bread, tempting split! Thank you girls for your interest in the recipe :)

I have a new robot and I decided I had to make bread. I happened upon this recipe and I am ecstatic to say the least! Thanks for the recipe! A little while ago I pulled them out of the oven. I did half the dose in baking pans for cakes. My husband returned from work and attacked them, covered with masaltse. Goes to favorites. Thanks again for the wonderful recipe! :)

:) Christ, you sweet, sweet! I am pleased that you are so pleased with the recipe! :)

Aliana, nutty bread was neither ate nor rules :) upload pictures maaalko delay ... about 4 years, but I had hidden somewhere by myself, and now I am glad that I found them. I divided the dough into three parts and raztochih them, then compelled them one above the other and rolled them, then cut snails - borrowed from other beautiful cakes :) Although it was not the most appropriate recipe for Christmas Eve, ate with her big appetite then even was hardly anything else we ate. Not at all sorry it took me so long - I did it with great desire and enthusiasm. Thank you for another wonderful recipe! :)

Dorothea very pleased me your comments! And the idea to make a cake is interesting and I will try. What diameter has a baking pan in the picture?

The idea of ​​shaping it the *stole* from Festive bread Eve, although fulfilled it little lazy :) I had high hopes because I had never done anything so seriously, but took that out. A baking pan is approximately 26 cm - can not accurately measure it at the moment that I keep a fat Potatoes Masters :)

has received great!